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For those that think that their heavy tanks should be made bullet proof

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Mr_Burrows #1 Posted 11 April 2018 - 05:23 AM


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Sort of quote: 


When extremely massive OP armor disappear and weak spots reappear, hit points exchange will become just clearer thing as it is now. WG implemented hand of god tokens in 2014 but have a way better skill rating system nowadays. Mastery of its balance, oportunity for more actions with same little affection of rng will rule. Less new players will be turned away from continuing playing fair game when they do not get ROFL-stomped by some random bob that has died his way to tier X just to get that super heavy tank of his nightly wet dreams, but some players will still not understand who is shooting behing the fog of bush and trees because they never understood the mechanics of double bushing.


So all who defend jap meme tanks and the entire new line of russkie OP powerhouses just do not understand this thing. It is up to WG to deside changes. And those hp savers can continue saving hp in red line while shouting "spot spot spot!" to the light tanks and maybe shoot them from behind if they do not listen to the random bob, and pay even more repairs without having fun and participating. Thinking what heavy tanks with even heavier armor is a precendent for developing battle situations is stupidest thing, nothing will really change in timings but some whining on the forums, averagely battles just can be last longer  and more interestingly.


End quote.




How could I resist? It is, after all, Wednesday. 

All the above stolen and slightly altered to more reflect reality than the original post found here: http://forum.worldof...s-part-of-game/

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Strappster #2 Posted 11 April 2018 - 05:35 AM


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I'm intrigued by your proposal and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Do you have a fairly arbitrary method of measuring player ability that happens by complete coincidence to make your particular approach to the game look quite good?

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