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Update 1.0.1 Public Test Feedback - Removal of Premium Ammo/Consumable gold price

public test pt

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adel3211 #21 Posted 03 May 2018 - 11:16 PM


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I think that this thing with premium ammo is not that big step forward for wot players.

On the contrary its a step back, WOT will just make it easier to get premium shells so they will be more frequently fired in battles and that makes new players leaving the game so fast... This is too sad.


My idea is to replace ''premium ammo'' with new type of ammo (lets call it ''ammo X';) which players can buy with big amounts of  coins (silver).


The basic thing about ''ammo X'' is that his preferences will vary between certain types of tanks..


LIGHT TANKS- <faster shell velocity, bigger pen but lower alpha damage>

MEDIUM TANKS-  <normal shell velocity, lower pen but much bigger alpha damage> 

HEAVY TANKS-   <low shell velocity, bigger pen but lower alpha damage (little bit bigger than Light Tanks)>

TANK DESTROYERS- <faster shell velocity, average pen but lower alpha damage>

ARTY- <faster shell velocity and ability to make bigger damage without ability of stuning>


If WOT make those changes they can still make a lot of money by selling premium tanks with premium machmaking wich will be far more important if there was not any gold ammo.



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