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Matchmaking, Balance, Gamemodes - How to solve all this!?

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9IBrownie #1 Posted 20 April 2018 - 06:57 PM


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How do you find solutions for nearly every problem in the game?


Add a server browser to World of Tanks! Let the community do the work for you!

There has been a lot of discussion already about Matchmaking in WoT. The only thing, the playerbase can probably agree on, is the fact that there is no ultimate solution that will make everyone happy. The easiest way to please everyone is not finding a consensus on one system, but give a choice between multiple systems instead. This way everyone can choose which gamemode, which tweaked version of WoT they want to play.

Wargaming could set up customizable servers that someone can rent and customize to his own liking. If his way of customizing the game is appealing to others, his server will grow and Wargaming can observe the statistics, expand on his idea, refine it, add balance tweaks and set up a mode inspired by this server either temporarily as an event or even permanently.


This would not affect the gameplay of the current random battle mode at all. And the queue times would probably not increase either, because more people, who already stopped playing randoms due to frustration would try out different modes in custom private servers. I suppose, the part of the players who just pley phor phun would stick to random battles, while the competitive players would concentrate more on servers which are tweaked in a way to have less RNG.


There are nearly unlimited possibilities to add customization options:

  • adjusted HUD elements (removal of minimap or tank markers for a more hardcore experience for example)
  • RNG changes
  • spotting mechanic changes
  • balance changes to tanks
  • gamemode programming (repair positions, spawns, respawns, objectives etc.)

This is dangerously close to a map editor, but jesus, a map editor in WoT would be amaizing!

  • map rotation changes
  • team composition changes (ban of certain classes or individual tanks, template matchmaking changes etc.)


An example for the lols - My dream server: 

No arty (which always prevents me from camping at the front line ;)), no Obj 268 v4 (or just rebalance of russian bias :trollface:), only 15% penetraton and damage RNG, all old maps back in the rotation


Major Problems

Source code:

The more customization options you add to the servers, the more of the core programming of the game mechanics is publicly available (CS:GO custom maps). This can lead to concerns on WGs side. A well thought out, intuitive UI for the customization could avoid this (like the server Browser in Overwartch which is, on the other hand, costly to develop).

Financial risk:

From a buisness standpoint, it is a huge investment at first, but it could pay off in the long run, because it will give the community the chance to do stuff for free, which is normally done by paid employees (bluntly said). Also, server rents can earn you a lot.

The grind:

If you give customization options to custom servers, you need to disable credit income and experience income to prevent people from cheating the system with their custom servers. The higher the liberty with customization options, the higher the danger of abuse.

The economy of the game is one of the major incentives for most people to play, so the incentive to play custom servers is relatively low. However, other games also manage to attract players without a progression system. The pure fun factor or competition factor can be enough. Also, if you make sure noone looses or gains money in these servers, people will be less toxic, they would have no disadvantage by playing, loosing or performing poorly and they would still be reliant on the grind in randoms in order to unlock their favourite tanks and train their crews. Its a win-win-situation.

Gold Ammo and premium consumables:

If you take the economy away, everyone shoots gold only. This can be addressed in several ways that have been discussed already (e.g. lesser dpm with gold ammo, limited gold ammo supply and so on).


Kept as short as possible, thanks for reading, cheers!


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