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Suggestions on future WoT esports

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OpticalEye #1 Posted 22 April 2018 - 11:32 AM


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So... don't really know where to put it, on which forum place, but I came up with some ideas for future esports if that's ever gonna happen.

First of all is format: 5v5 - I think this format would works the best if we want games based more on skill, reactions, rotations and etc.. but it wouldn't mean less skilled teams couldn't do much, as it is 5v5 and every single shot with damage or made mistake can easily cost a game. 


Tanks: 5/50 - Simply because tier 10 tanks require most skill, but honestly, there never been a balance on top tier tanks, some tanks are just better than the rest of them, that's why WGL had a lot of comman tanks like Bat Chat, Maus when buffet, 113 when it was best heavy, the fact is, if WGL would be happening right now, we would see that most of the tanks is Obj 268 version 4.. 

My suggestion would be to make unable to have in battle 2 or more of a same vehicles per team.. for example: if first team took Bat chat, they cant pick second, every vehicle has to be different, same with other team.. This idea would be a huge boost to a tactical play, there should be much more tactics and things to do rather than just take full obj 268 version 4 setup and do one thing every single time...


Map pool - Overall should be 7 maps, I didn't see a problem with the map pool that was before, but climbing and boosts positions must not exist anywhere. Perhaps change cap circles a little bit to let defenders defend a little easier or at least less angles if the games would happen 5v5, although 2 cap circles was great idea.


Training - There must be a Team battle section in-game to train just like now it is, but make format as it is supposed to be, it can not be such a thing like WGL was using 7/70 format and in-game 7/54.. no.. just don't... 


I might missed something, ask if something is not right or I forgot to mention something.. I think WoT is a great game to have esports, it requires a lot of knowledge, tactical brain, good aim and reactions, it's not that simple to keep winning as people say, this game just makes you want to improve, same as CS:GO, to win and do well, you need practice practice and practice..

voulezvous #2 Posted 23 April 2018 - 11:01 AM

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Thank you for your interest and comprehensive suggestions.

We have something planned for eSports in WoT and are currently working on making the idea a reality.

I will forward your feedback to those in-charge of this project

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