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Looking for an active clan that does CW

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Minimadmahager #1 Posted 22 April 2018 - 05:50 PM


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I'm looking for a clan as my current one is closing. I have lots of good tanks for skirmishes. These include (at tier 8):

M41 90

Rhm Borsig

AMX 50 100


Scorp G

I also have a E100, Bc 25t, Grille 15 and a STRV 103B

I also have experience commanding.

I speak English and have discord. You can PM me on Wot or Discord (My name is Minimadmahager on discord)


EDIT: Just got accepted into QSF - L


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Mr_Spuddy #2 Posted 22 April 2018 - 06:38 PM


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Hi. I sent you a message in game. :D. Furthermore, id love to speak to you on discord if your down? :D

Timewarp76 #3 Posted 23 April 2018 - 09:36 AM

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Hi Minimadmahager, we're dabbling into strongholds and hopefully CW in the future season, if anything we do nightly platoons and strongholds when we have the numbers. 

If you are looking to join a community we're always looking for new members. The Beer Belly Master Mindz gaming community is a laid back, social club for mature gamers. We play a variety of games to include WoT, WoWP, PUBG etc. but always play to win. Fee free to stop by and say hello. Here is a link to our recruitment thread. We also have an active discord, reddit, steamgroup, facebook group and website for your use. We look forward to hearing from you!   

Guan_Yu #4 Posted 26 April 2018 - 09:40 PM


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Hey mate, were a clan ranked around 600 jumped from 5500 since january, If your looking for a very competitive clan -GODS is still looking for active players. We play CW, strongholds and team battles aiming for top 100 clans before xmas 2018. If you really know how to command we would be happy to take you in.

Rocknryan55 #5 Posted 27 April 2018 - 09:46 PM


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if you would like to give us a try we are a rebooting clan under a new name and are looking to get new active members that want to contribute in clanwars as we hope to get on the global map as soon as we have enough active members
if you would like to give us a try join us on TS at:

We can have a laugh and a chat

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