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Which tanks win?

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Bulldog_Drummond #1 Posted 25 April 2018 - 08:22 PM


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I'm curious as to which tanks are your top game winners.  I'd suggest just listing the best 3 with 50+ games, but feel free to decide for yourself.  A brief description of why they work for you would also be interesting, but not mandatory.  For fun, feel free also to through in your worst.


For me the best 3 winners are:


PzKwIID (Tier 2, 63% wins, 134 games)

This was the annual premium freebie a few years ago, I tried it a few times, didn't like it much, forgot about it, and it gathered dust.  Recently I have been training a crew for a Pz38(t)NA so pulled the PzKwIID out of its cobwebs.  Although it looks nothing special on paper, the extra speed over the PzKwII is useful, and its feeble armour doesn't matter much.  But it does need a full load of gold ammo to work its magic.


KV220 (Tier 5, 62% wins, 2348 games)

What's not to like about tier 7 armour at tier 5?  


PzIII/IV (Tier 5, 60% wins, 70 games)

Fast, decent armour, and a punchy gun.  Always seem to do better than might be expected.


Worst 1:


Skorpion G (Tier 7, 35% wins, 125 games)

Appears to have a neon light flashing over it.  Big target with terrible camo.  Gun is okay, but good luck getting to shoot it more than a couple of times.

Mosjmosh #2 Posted 25 April 2018 - 08:36 PM


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My highest win rate tanks with 100 games played minimum:

  • Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 
    • Tier 6, 69% wins, 100 battles.
    • Has a quite decent autoloader and is somewhat flexible. Also, it's tier 6.
  • AC-4 Experimental
    • Tier 6, 66.67% wins, 180 battles.
    • Good gun for it's tier. Can pen most tanks even as bottom tier. Again, tier 6.
  • Caernarvon
    • Tier 8, 66,67% wins, 102 battles.
    • It's been ages since I played this, think i was more lucky with good teams more than anything.
  • E 25
    • Tier 7, 66.61% wins, 1264 battles.
    • Preferential mm, camo, high dpm, decent at ramming stuff. Speed.


  • Sturer Emil
    • Tier 7, 43,62% wins, 149 battles.
    • Second line I actually went for. I was a total noob and this tank is such a turd. Getting the RHM was just amazing at the time.

Homer_J #3 Posted 25 April 2018 - 08:38 PM

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My list of OP tanks.


BT-2 71.15%

KV-2 68.75%

M10 66.67%


Renault UE57 with 69.39% just misses out as I only have 49 battles in it.


If you use a more realistic 100 battles then it's..

M10 66.67%

T 25 66.18%

E 50 64.52%


M10 was played before the HEAT nerf though so T 25 should take the 3rd spot on the 1st list and T 20 with 62.07% should take the last spot on the over 100 battle list.


For worst I offer my 414 battle T-54 with 46.38%, though my 70 battles with a 38.57% win rate in the Leopard 1 is also pretty bad.

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arthurwellsley #4 Posted 25 April 2018 - 08:41 PM

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Best 3 for me;


Sherman Firefly (Tier VI, 71% win rate, 65 games played)

I like Sherman tanks in game generally, but I am unsure why this one comes out with such a high win rate for me as it's actually not that good.


KV-5 (Tier VIII premium, 66% win rate, 50 games played)

The ramming is real.


T34-85 Rudy (Tier VI, 66% win rate, 206 games)

Russian medium crew trainer, that in it's tier is only beaten by the T34-85M.



M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII (Tier VI, 35% win rate 65 games)

Despite liking Sherman tanks, I am doing badly in this one. I believe the reason is it feels the slowest of the four I have in my garage.

[in comparison: M4A3E8 Sherman (Tier VI, 56% win rate 440 games) M4A3E8 Fury (Tier VI, 52% win rate, 147 games)].



Renesco #5 Posted 25 April 2018 - 09:00 PM

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I do extremely will with fast firing small guns it seems, 59% win rate with Ram II and Matilda BP after about 300 matches in each and they pretty much have the same gun, my stats in the normal Matilda are something similar with the long gun on it.


As for worst, 42% win rate in IS2 after 200 matches, every match you're facing tier 9s with your 175 pen which isn't even good enough to face other tier 7s half the time. I could not make that tank work at all and I tried.

xx984 #6 Posted 25 April 2018 - 09:34 PM


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Im only counting my non seel clubby tanks.. Seeing as i have 1k Battles in Pz.B2 with 70% wins :hiding:


AMX M4 51 Tier 9 French Heavy

47 Games - 74% Wins - 3963 DPG at time of writing this

- Great frontal armour for a tier 9 heavy mixed with fantastic mobility

- Good alpha of 470 And also a good rate of fire for such alpha, seeing as only 20 less then E75 and has much better reload.

- Good gun handling



213 Games - 71% Wins - 1673 DPG

-Amazing DPM for a tier 6 med as well as impressive alpha for a medium

-Solid armour that can bounce

- I had the tank long before everyone got it for free, and long before everyone knew to fear it on the battle field, leading alot of people to underestimate it, not really pay attention to the buff it got and took advantage of that, Got it afew months before the marathon due to a friend gifting it to me <3


S. Conq

292 Games - 69% Wins - 4313 DPG

- Fantastic DPM and gun handling

- Great turret armour and good gun dep allowing easy hull downs in alot of maps

-  Workable hull armour, While the hull isnt great, pretty meh for a tier 10 heavy if anything, added together with the other two reasons above, all in all it makes for an amazingly flexible tank that can fit most roles on most maps that it needs to.




I missed out a tank or two which i dont have anymore, Mainly Obj 430 II... i havent had it in awhile and have no idea why i did that good in it





View Postarthurwellsley, on 25 April 2018 - 07:41 PM, said:


M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII (Tier VI, 35% win rate 65 games)

Despite liking Sherman tanks, I am doing badly in this one. I believe the reason is it feels the slowest of the four I have in my garage.

[in comparison: M4A3E8 Sherman (Tier VI, 56% win rate 440 games) M4A3E8 Fury (Tier VI, 52% win rate, 147 games)].



Thunderbolt is one of my best as far as T6 Shermans go, 128 Games, 65% wins, with 1490 DPG, In a top tier game, try to play it as a support heavy, but in mid/bottom tier games play it as a support med sort of role, thats what i do in mine and it works pretty well. Obviously there are exceptions, If your top tier game has alot of big enemy heavies like O-I's then its a bad idea




Hope helped abit atleast :P 


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Balc0ra #7 Posted 25 April 2018 - 09:38 PM

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B2 (Tier 4, 74.22% WR after 128 games) All of those games were done in a 3 man B2 platoon via the forum chat channel more or less. As I've never played it solo. Nor in ages. As these were all done years ago when it was a less common sight.


Sherman III (Tier 5, 70.59% WR after 51 games) Ran in non derp as I wanted to try it vs the M4 to see how it was as it got more DPM vs the M4 with the 76mm. And it's a fantastic bully at tier 5 with it.


T-127 (Tier 3, 70.23% WR after 131 games) It's gotten most of those games after the new scouts were added. As it's trained the T-54 Ltwt and the T-50 crew after that was moved to tier 5 to name some, along with the other low tier premium Russian lights I have.


Worst Cent AX (Tier X 43.55% after 62 games) It did keep the old FV stats that I hated. I think I had 20 games in it and 5 wins. But the games I have in the AX were all done during the FV 4202 marathon where you needed a daily win with 10 or something for 12 days in the AX. Issue was that tier X was full of AX then. And 15 vs 15 games with them were not uncommon. It was chaos. And it's reflected in the stats. Tho I did ace it a few times when there were only 2-3 AX on the map. But I've not touched it since that marathon was done.


View PostBulldog_Drummond, on 25 April 2018 - 08:22 PM, said:

KV220 (Tier 5, 62% wins, 2348 games)

What's not to like about tier 7 armour at tier 5? 


Armor is great. Tho the second you face a guy that knows your turret is butter. You're screwed. As even a stock tier 5 can pen it. I have a 64% WR in mine after 302 games. But the Excelsior is just a way better bully then the 220 IMO. As he has a strong turret too. The rear plate is even stronger then KV-1 head on. Tho the sides is butter. I have a 69% WR in that after 208 games.

Jumping_TurtIe #8 Posted 25 April 2018 - 09:41 PM

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T-28E F-30

185 battles

68.11% winrate



Matilda BP

159 battles

67.30% winrate



Pz. II J

453 battles

64.46% winrate

Nishi_Kinuyo #9 Posted 25 April 2018 - 10:19 PM


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#1: Type 95 Ha-Go with 68% WR after exactly 50 battles. As for tanks with more battles than that, my O-I Experimental comes on first place with 58,67% after 271 battles. Iz of balans, da.

#2: KV-1S with 60% after exactly 50 battles. Again, tank with easily twice that amount is my Type 97 Chi-Ha with 58,49% after 106 battles.

#3: Pz.Sfl.IVc with 59,26% after 54 battles. Again, tank with more significant amount of battles would be my Turán III Prototípus with 53,95% after 152 battles.

Honourable mention: My Type 3 Chi-Nu with 53,40% Winrate after 515 battles. :medal:


For the most part, tanks that play a lot like the Japanese mediums are my forte I guess. And that's for tanks that aren't considered broken or overpowered.


My worst tanks would be:

#1: SU-5 with 37,5% WR after 56 battles. Haven't played it in years.

#2: Type 95 Heavy with 39,58% WR after 96 battles. I swear, the Type 91 Heavy would be a better fit at tier 4 simply because it has a better gun.

#3: T-150 with 41,57% after 89 battles. My first tier 6 heavy tank that I actually ragesold after finally getting the 107mm ZiS-6 because I was so fed up with doing horribly in it. Which was years ago as well.


Honourable mention: The Type 4 Chi-To with 47,49% after 379 battles. Played it a lot while I was a tomato, still busy repairing the stats. Ditto for the Type 5 Chi-Ri with 48,46% after 454 battles.

Although fortunately, for the past year or so I've had 56,95% WR for my Chi-Ri over 151 battles, and 56% for my Chi-To over 50.

Winner of that all is my Chi-Nu with 58,97% WR over 156 battles. :medal:


Who said that Japanese mediums were rubbish? :trollface:

Junglist_ #10 Posted 25 April 2018 - 10:31 PM

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Highest win rate tanks above tier 8 with more than 100 battles:

Obj. 416 - 101 battles - 67%

No idea how, hated that tank.

Pershing - 128 battles - 68%

Can't really remember playing this tank, must've been few years ago

T69 - 144 battles - 66% 

Another one I played few years ago and only thing I remember is the the terrible potato gun and that I sold it as soon as I finished grinding it just like the other two.

 E-50M - 97 battles - 67%

Another one I haven't played in few years 


Then there is TVP T50/51 with 942 battles and 66% which I loved to play but got bored of it.

And then another one I hated the Object 430 v. II

Skipped some lower tier tanks like Firefly or derp Pz IV.

Dont even play these tanks anymore and the top 3 were just grinds most of the tanks I still like to play are at about 64%.


And with more than 50 battles and less than 100 the best one I got is apparently that pile of crap T-34/100 with 72% after 58 battles. WTF I hate this topic

Strappster #11 Posted 25 April 2018 - 10:45 PM

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My best win rates after 50+ battles ...


  1. T28 HTC (tier VII) - 53 battles, 60.38%
  2. Covenanter (tier IV) - 114 battles, 59.65%
  3. Pz. T 15 (tier III) - 223 battles, 59.54%


I actually had a better win rate of 62.79% after 86 battles in the AT-15A but I found it so boring to play that I traded it in against the Panther/M10 at Christmas.

GreatSuprendo #12 Posted 25 April 2018 - 11:33 PM


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Matilda IV:  66.67% after 132 battles.  On paper this tank should be awful, but I love that gun depression.  I don't even shoot much gold in it (though 86 pen means that some is mandatory)

AT2: 63.64% after 110.  Mostly before they nerfed the armour.  The only tank in this line that is vaguely fun to play.  Still can't bring myself to finish the AT15 grind...

T28: 62.7% after 126.  Slow and boring but armor that can actually be made to work (unlike the AT15).  Only grinding it because the T95 looks like it might be the T9 equivalent of the AT2 so might be worth some (slow) yoloing fun.


Hall of shame:  PzIIIE with 37.1% after 62.  I was young, carefree and stupid when I played this.  I plan to rebuy it at some point to prove to myself that it is actually not a terrible tank.

And Churchill VII with 41% after 104.  Now that *is* a bad tank

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MeetriX #13 Posted 26 April 2018 - 12:04 AM


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T56 GMC 58% 50 battles. I have never drive that thing. :amazed:


Tilly 57% 577 battles. Please buff her speed. :rolleyes:


Derp Mk.II 57% 124 battles. Zero skill crew. :D

kaneloon #14 Posted 26 April 2018 - 12:13 AM


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Best X :

     STB1  / 62% and 77 games

     T110E4 /  56%  /  415 games


Worst tank X :

    Obj 140 / 42 % / 172 games


Best WR with some games :

 Tiers V Chaffee / 68 % and 80 games.


Balc0ra #15 Posted 26 April 2018 - 12:21 AM

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View PostMeetriX, on 26 April 2018 - 12:04 AM, said:

T56 GMC 58% 50 battles. I have never drive that thing. :amazed:



It was the replacement TD for the T82 HMC. It did keep the old stats, just like the T18 replacement did. So you might not have driven. But I suspect you did drive the 82.

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Suurpolskija #16 Posted 26 April 2018 - 12:30 AM


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For me the best with any significant amount of games:


T-150: 165 games 61,82% wins

IS-2 (chinese one) 177 games, 60,45% wins

E75 102 games 60% wins


Honorary mention to my filthy statpadding tank, Marder 38t with 85 games and 73,1% wins. So by the looks of it, I should focus on them heavies I guess.


Worst tanks:


Hellcat 80 games 33,5% wins

T49 103 games 40,78% wins (I actually like it and I FEEL like I do well in it, but oh well)

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Tipperty #17 Posted 26 April 2018 - 02:39 AM

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I have tanks with over 50+ game with higher WR, but these I feel are more relavent.


T-44 tier 8 59.42% 106 battles Since the buff this tank is amazing,  don't over angle and be mind full of armour in high tiers, fast nibble with a very accurate gun and DPM


T37 tier 6 59.41% 101 battles tier for tier one of the better light tanks, don't be afraid to fire on the move, it is reliably accurate. 


A44 tier 7 59.35% 123 battles Surprisingly good tank, just has a tower on top of the turret, that is a major weakness. Good gun, just be mindful of the gun depression.


Tiger 2 tier 8 59.24% 238 battles Great gun, in any tier, just don't rely on the armour, especially the turret.


M41 90 GF tier 8 58.70% 385 battles Since the light tank nerf, this tank is ridiculous and played correctly is a monster, just don't rely on your camo rating.


Skorpion G tier 8 57.53% 219 battles A lot of people play this tank incorrectly, sitting at the back sniping, I play it aggressive and I play on the frontline. Just be mindful of what tanks you are fighting, sometimes it is good to be at the back, depending on the match up.


Type 62 tier 7 55.18% 917 battles  I personally love this tank and trying to improve the stats on it because I played it a lot when I was BAAAAAAAAAAAD at the game!

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Humansland #18 Posted 26 April 2018 - 07:14 AM


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AMX 13 75 Games: 208 Winrate: 60.10%

I love this tank, I seriously do. Good pen, low clip reload time, awesome camo, fast tank. Whats not to like?


M41 Walker Bulldog Games: 632 Winrate: 52.85%

Damn, I miss the 10 shots clip with 1500 potential damage.. Those were the good old days...


WZ-120-1G FT Games: 196 Winrate: 60.20%

My Fav TD, good overall. Nothing bad say about it :)


Worst 1:



AMX Chasseur de chars Games:362 Winrate: 48.34%

Traded it in as soon as the chance came by. Piece of craptank :(

Excavatus #19 Posted 26 April 2018 - 08:09 AM


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Before going into numbers,

My 2 best contenders and most fun tanks..


T67 - %57,57 WR with 1558 battles

Bishop - %60,83 WR with 531 battles (all pre arty nerf)


If I take the battle count for 40,

there are very good numbers here,


Churchill III - %68,75 WR,

Pz IV H - %66,15 WR

St vz 39 - %64,29 WR

OBJ430U - %62,50 WR


But If we need to go above 100 battles,


KV1S - %57,11 WR with 387 battles,

T34-85 - %59,82 WR with 252 battles,

Vk 30.01P - %58,62 WR with 145 battles,

A43 - %57,86 WR with 159 battles

Chaffe - %59,09 WR with 88 Battles (yeah I said 100.. but I suck in LTs.. so this counts!)


And for the worst..

I have a VK30.02M with %42.77 WR with 173 battles, (yeah, from the old days)

and KV85 with %45 WR with 240 battle count (how the hell!!)


But.. When I dig in..

When I go back to the early days.. that I do not know anything,

I found this gem..

after 116 battles in one of the most OP tier 4 TDs, SU85B, I have a %43,97 WR... REALLY!!!!

oh.. dont stop there.. lets go to my first year of the game.. where I have no idea what the feck I am doing..

I started with british heavy line ( I dont know why.. dont ask)

And I hated the line.. I stopped on Churchill VII, after I get a %38,10 WR with 84 battles!


A frigging %38 WR... OMG!

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Indy_Bones #20 Posted 26 April 2018 - 08:13 AM


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Kings of the Hill:


1) Strv 74 : 69.74% after 86 battles

2) M12 : 68.16% after 245 battles (back when arty actually did REAL alpha damage)

3) AT2 : 68.00% after 50 battles


Honourable mentions include:


Hellcat : 65.84% after 603 battles (before they nerfed the hell out of it)

T71 DA : 65.31% after 196 battles (before the T71 split and changes)

T67 : 64.54% after 1052 battles (STILL my credit grinder of choice even after the nerfs)


Absolute horror shows:


Leo : 44.55% after 110 battles (hateful pile of junk with no armour, bad guns and mediocre everything else)

Ikv 65 Alt II : 44.55% after 110 battles (just ugh)

Škoda T 24 : 45.31% after 64 battles (just utterly outclassed by pretty much every other medium at the tier)

Emil 1 : 45.88% after 85 battles (I've virtually given up trying to finish this thing because I hate it so much)

WZ-111 model 1-4 : 46.84% after 158 battles (Chinese copy of IS-8/T-10 which just doesn't work for me, as half my shots won't pen stuff like Tiger P's, and the armour is almost worthless in return)

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