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Personal Reserves should work in clan battles

Personal Reserves

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StinkyStonky #1 Posted 27 April 2018 - 02:30 PM


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Currently Personal Reserves don't work in clan battles (CWs, SHs, Advs) and it's time that this was fixed.


Most players play for 2-4+ hours in an evening.  When they come on they can put on PRs, depending on what they're planning to grind and when they run out they can call it a night, play for a while longer without PRs or put on more (1 or 2 hr PRs).


For active clan players this isn't possible.


It's quite normal to play a few randoms (10-50 minutes) but in that time it's inevitable that something will start.  Either CWs or some kind of SHs.  At that point the PRs are wasting.  Clan activities might only last 30 minutes but they can easily last for 60-90 or even longer.  So it's quite easy to get just 15 minutes of benefit out of a 2hr PR.


Most of the PRs I've got (over 300 left) have come from xmas or weekend specials, so they're just unused freebies.


 But the Progetto bundle changes things.  Some people will be paying £20+ for a tank that's probably going to be on sale for £23 in the future.  So the thing that makes the bundle interesting (slightly better value) is all the extra stuff.  And that include PRs.


It's time for WG to fix the bug and make PRs work in clan based game modes.

Rilleta #2 Posted 27 April 2018 - 09:33 PM


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Yes... they do.

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