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Idea for a mini-event at the end of each CW season (for both t10 and t8)

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FireflyDivision #1 Posted 27 April 2018 - 03:48 PM


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As you probably already know, WG currently freezes the global map for ~1 month after each CW season, wipes the map, and starts the new season. From earlier polls, we can see that most players want to see changes in that. In short: most people want more CW. You already saw a list of possible solutions in the poll, however, there is one more way... 




Why wipe the map automatically if you can largely let clans wipe each other off instead??


The idea is that during the ~4 weeks after a season, you don't freeze the map, but you run a mini-event instead:


Rules & Settings:

1. Landing is disabled. If you're kicked off the map, you can't get back on it anymore.

2. There is prize pot of X gold for the T10 map, and a prize pot of Y gold for the T8 map. The gold is evenly spread out across all clans that are still on the map after the event ends. 


So what's going to happen? 


Some clans (probably the bigger ones) will play aggressively and try to reduce the amount of clans on the map. They may form little alliances with other clans to achieve the goal and to spread the gains. 

Some clans (probably smaller ones) will be happy with fewer gold, so they will form large defensive alliances and do their best to survive till the end. 


The effect of this is that alot of fighting will break out on the global map. However, it won't be just random fighting. The fights will be interesting. Groups of clans will fight against groups of clans. 


But wait... there is more...


As this event runs right after a season, clans might anticipate for this event during the season itsself. The battling will probably start even before the event starts. 


So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this event?



- There is nothing you can lose. CW would have been frozen during this period anyway, so anything you do and earn during this event is extra. You don't have to participate either.

- It's an extra opportunity for everyone to earn extra gold. Even clans on the t8 map will have this chance, as as I said above, this event will run on the t8 front as well. 

- And of course... the situation on the global map may get very interesting. You may see large scale wars and diplomacy involved.


So what about disadvantages?

- I honestly can't think of any right now, as this event is supposed to run after each normal CW season, when CW is supposed to be frozen anyway. This is all extra. 

- I came up with this idea very recently, so I'll probably notice some disadvantages later, after I've thought about it more.

- I don't think 2 top clans will own the entire map at the end either, as a clan cannot field an unlimited amount of teams at the same time. 


But anyway, it's your turn to speak now: What do you think of this? 


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FireflyDivision #2 Posted 28 April 2018 - 09:53 AM


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Someone pls respond xD

dont be afraid to call it total garbage if you have to.

_Jergo_ #3 Posted 28 April 2018 - 10:49 AM


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While I like the idea of clans having something to do when the season ends I see two fundamental flaws in what you proposed; 


Firstly, clans should not be forced into fights on the global map, the fights between clans and alliances should happen naturally, because that's the way drama gets created and players get personally involved. We saw what happened few seasons back when WG tried to force clans into fights on the global map with its design and the rules of the season, CW was considered dead by most. In that aspect fighting on the global map is like a fart, if you have to force it it's probably crap  :).


Secondly, if what you're proposing was implemented I see it developing differently than you do. Right now on the global map you have 3 big alliances; the Green alliance (Headed by GO-IN), the Purple alliance (Headed by FAME), and the polish alliance (Headed by MVPS) and the map is already mostly split between them. When the season would end what imo would happen is those alliances would bring in the bigger clans that aren't in any of them (like RSOP, TRIGG etc.) and they would split whats left of the map amongst themselves, with the main clans spearheading the cleaning of the map and the "weaker" ones just supporting them. 


What I would like to see is instead of crowning the clan that finishes the season on top of the rankings as champion, the top 8-10 clans fight in a tournament to determine the true champion of the season. The exact details of the tournament would be open for discussion but I think that would be something that the top clans would enjoy participating in, and if it was properly streamed and organised, clans that didn't finish on top, and fc's of smaller clans would enjoy watching it.


That's just my 2 cents :)

sM1Iey #4 Posted 28 April 2018 - 11:12 AM


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idea is solid but firefly provinces already did some job about that peaceful farming to turn into a cold war between purple and greens. in fact I think nothing will change.

FireflyDivision #5 Posted 28 April 2018 - 01:04 PM


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i also feel that wars should not always be forced and should mostly happen naturally. In fact, natural wars are the best type of wars. That is why i’m a strong supporter of removing seasons altogether and just let cw run through most of the year, without any map wipes (just as in the past). The problem with seasons and map wipes is that  the tension gets “reset” every single time, which decreases the chance of anything ever happening (mostly).


that season you’re talking about was just pure <insert disease here>. Luckily we managed to make cw go in the positive direction a little bit after a forum uprising. However, I feel the way the high-value provinces are currently placed to be a step backwards again. Adding permanent landings in the middle of the map that cannot be attacked by land is also a step back.


anyway, about your concern: i was thinking of splitting the gold equally among all clans that are still on the map at the end. Equally. No matter whether you have 1 province or 10 provinces. With that, I think it’s less likely that a clan will make deals with 100 other clans.


as for your tournament idea: that idea isn’t bad. In fact, you’re not the first one with such idea, so who knows ;)


thank you for your feedback.



the event still has to start and the season hasnt ended yet. Let’s see how it plays out.

my key point when offering ideas is not to force people into meaningless battlespam, like in that horrible season we mentioned earlier, where the global map gave next to 0 gold and clans had to do weird missions, but to rather keep the map good, and offer clans the option to battle in case they want extra gold on top. As you can see, the global map income isnt getting nerfed or anything during the FF provinces event. It’s all extra.

and yes, the idea in this topic is completely different to that. However, that’s because its an idea for some sort of mini-campaign for millions of gold during a time when there isnt normal cw. But as i said earlier: id rather go back a few years and have full 365days/year sandbox, with a temporary 2nd global map for campaigns and other events from time to time.


I just hate this constant freezing and wiping. I feel its completely the opposite of CW’s original meaning.



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