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Ganking your morals + The little helper is back!

Pz 1C T-127 A-20 commentary artwork

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Tankobatics #1 Posted 27 April 2018 - 10:23 PM


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High octane madness as I runtackle one of the more sensitive subjects in WoT - that is playing as a twink. (Or "seal clubber".)

Now this will certainly have some screaming like gasoline drenched cats, yet gaming should be fun and screaming cats might be amusing also.

So the easily amused might find some entertainment as this vid go completely overboard after loosing all moorings, adrift on a number of in-game subjects.
Our in-house doctor make an appearance to comment on the cure for stupidity, leaving us none the wiser, and yes, the Little helper finally make a comeback.
This is a re-upload after spotting framing issues, plus a dropout in the middle - some improvement, but framing problems remain but it should be ok for all but the most discriminating viewer.


I hope you find it enjoyable. :P

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