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Autoreloader interface improvement needed + suggestion.

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brumbarr #1 Posted 30 April 2018 - 06:06 PM

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After having played the tier8 italian prem, I got really annoyed by the bad autoreloader interface and often missed out on dmg because of it.


This is how it looks when reloading a shell:


Posted Image


As you can see, the reload for the current shot is very small and semi transparent, very hard to see. The shell icons are also very small and not filled in. 

The consequence is that it is very hard to see wether you have reloaded the shell or not. The only chance is that a new timer will start but that timer is very small and hard to spot. The shell icond doesnt help because its a progress bar, so no change there. This cause you to often fire prematurely , just before its reloaded and lose all your progress on that shell and be left with 1 shell left. 


The 2 second timer there is absolutely useless, it doesnt give any usefull info but that is the information that is clearly displayed.


The interface is just badly designed and should be improved before the line comes out.  Or if there are any modders out there, pls create a mod  to make it clearer.


So what can be done to improve it?



The big reload timer should be the timer for the regular reload of the next shell, not the 2 second delay between shells. 

The little shells on the bottom should be completely filled in like normal autoloaders to make them clearer. Also, they should not be progress bars. Just either fully green when reloaded, a grey outline when empty and fully red when being reloaded. 



Quite simple changes that would make the gameplay on these tanks a lot better.


(This might fit better in the suggestion subforum but I dont know  where that one is, feel free to move)

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