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inconsistent tanks - view range like closed tank but no vents allowed

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Mad_F #1 Posted 01 May 2018 - 12:40 AM


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Open roof tanks usually have better view range than comparable tanks with a closed roof. From a balancing point of view this makes some sense, because they risk auto-pen, when shot from above. Historically it's understandable, because the commander just needs to stand up for a better view.


Obviously, an open roof tank doesn't profit from vents. Thus they are disallowed.


I noticed there are (a few) tanks, for which it is debatable whether they should count as open or closed, e.g.:

  •  T25/2 has no roof with stock turret but improved turret has something like a roof. Its view range is only rivaled by Sturer Emil and Steyr WT, which are both open. Plus, it can't mount vents. So it is safe to assume that it counts as open.
  • French arties tier 7-9 get increasingly closed up. BC 155 55 has a closed turret except for a bit around the gun. It got the worst view range of its tier but still doesn't allow vents. For comparison: FV3804 does allow vents and has better view range.
  • BC 155 58 looks like it's completely closed up. However it has worst view range of its tier and doesn't allow vents. For comparison: Conqueror GC does allow vents and has better view range.


Which other tanks do you know, don't quite match up?

Are there other tanks that can't mount vents although they are closed up?

Are there other inconsistencies (maybe worth of their own thread)?

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