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[ORDEM] Recruiting CW-players

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Vventus #1 Posted 01 May 2018 - 10:28 PM


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[ORDEM] A Ordem

Team Spirit, Friendship, and Will to Win!


ORDEM is an international clan aiming for success in Clan Wars and Strongholds. We are looking for CW-centered players who want to spend their evenings in Clan Wars instead of random battles. At the time of writing, we have under 40 players, and we have already started playing Clan Wars. The future goal is to have a presence on the tier 10 global map. We're just a number of members away from that!



What do we want to offer to our members?

​- Daily CW and SH battles (frequency to be determined depending on amount of players in clan)

- Daily bonusses (i.e. credit bonusses)

- Gold income from the global map.

- An environment focused on constant improvement

- Last but not least: good banter. After all, you gotta look forward to playing together in the evening.


What are we looking for?

- Average WN8 matching the average WN8 of the clan (at the time of writing, around 1600). However, as we're currently small, you still have a chance if you're below this level.

- A suitable tank for tier 8 Clan Wars & Strongholds, and also one for tier 10 in the near future.

- Priority for CW over random battles


Recruitment process

If you would like to join the clan, then there are several ways to contact us:

​- You could send me a private message, either on the forum or in the game

​- You could contact any other clan officer

- You could post in this topic and wait for a clan officer to contact you

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TorMjollnir #2 Posted 15 August 2018 - 05:45 PM


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still valid for this CW season too

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