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[Tutorial] How to play on Chinese WoT server?

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MichalGamerone #1 Posted 02 May 2018 - 04:09 PM


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Like in title - how to play on Chinese server without server/client changers.


1. Registering

Go to this site: [CLICK] and click button marked with arrow (on picture).

In site on picture under, follow what I wrote, but before - click button marked with arrow (number 1).

In 'name', paste it: 真实姓名

In number, enter: 220221197705310814 (or use it to generate another number: [CLICK]) [IMPORTANT: Anything else you are using this numbers at your own risk {ya know, communism}]

After entering data, click button marked with arrow number 2.


Then go to your e-mail. You'll see Chinese mail. Click button marked with arrow

Then enter your nickname in place marked with arrow number 1. After entering click button marked with arrow number 2.


2. Client downloading

Chinese players, at this moment (2nd May 2018) are playing 0.9.22 WoT version.


To download Chinese World of Tanks client, enter this site: [CLICK] and click button marked with arrow.

You have downloaded WotDownloader.exe. Open this file. Create folder and enter its location.

You have +- 9 GB to download. You can pause downloading by orange button. (image under)



After downloading click button I marked with arrow.

Change download location in place marked with arrow number 1 (default it's D disk. If you don't change it, download will stop). Then click button marked with number 2.

Then, in next window, click button marked with arrow.

It's next (long) installing.

It's icon on your desktop:

It's launcher we know from EU (or NA).


3. You can play! But...


Ping will be big. In Poland i've about 200 ms on best server (in the best situation).




This tutorial is translated by me (MichalGamerone). At first it was uploaded to Polish forum.


Please don't copy this guide (in parts or in whole) without my permission.


This guide might be developed in future.





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Jellew #2 Posted 01 September 2018 - 11:08 AM


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I've created an account, but when i log in it keeps saying that my account has expired or that my password is wrong... 

I have already tried to change my password, but doesn't seem to help.

Any idea what this could be?

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