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New Czech Community Contributor is cheating

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Tankopramen #1 Posted 08 May 2018 - 08:18 AM


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thank you for reading this. New Czech community contributor has uploaded TouTube videos and in several he uses aimbot as you can see here Edited here Edited and here Edited  and in several other videos on his YT channel. Here you can see how he is playing WITHOUT aimbot Edited E . When Czech community reported this to the forum, mods, WG and even his daddy jumped to his defense, mods even made a surprising amount of effort in defending him. He attempted to defend himself saying it's lags, and a freecam. After a few days WG posted their final verdict - he's not using cheats, everything is OK and you are prohibited from mentioning his name because of "naming and shaming" policy. At this point, community tried to reason with mods and WG, but to no avail. Situation is more and more being swept under the rug, various other community contributors are relativizing the whole thing (i.e. "we can't now for sure", "this is contributor program problem, not a cheating problem", etc).

Using aimbot is becoming more and more widespread and WG is reluctant to fix it, because they might lose some paying customers. Majority of players knows that cheating is wrong, and so they don't want cheaters in World of Tanks. WG made one of the cheaters the community contibutor, and even defended him. Czech community is angry at this approach, and rightly so.


I decided to make this post to let other EU communities know because we shouldn't tolerate this. World of Tanks should be free of cheaters, and making one of them the community contributor is a slap in the face of every player who plays fair.


Thank you for reading this,

I can't post my real nickname for obvious reasons

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Asklepi0s #2 Posted 08 May 2018 - 08:42 AM


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As our Community Managers stated before, opening a numerous threads about this subject won't help.
Please avoid opening the threads about same things.
Thread is closed.
Have a nice day !

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