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Why so much flaming?


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Imakaze #1 Posted 08 May 2018 - 10:48 PM


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Hi all. First of all, sry for english, it's not perfect but I hope it'll be enough.


Right now, I have 5792 battles in my Service book. Of them, maybe at 5000 at least  where plenty of insults, racism or bad teamplaying. I've almost always trying to calm the flamers or simply ignore them, but I think there is need for more moderation.


This is worst than League of Legens, it's hard to see a game where you don't see "retard", "idiot team", "[edited]X player", or worst, later in chat they desire you to die or to get cancer.




I'm merey ask for a game, maybe I do better or worse, but neither me nor anyone deserves to be bullyed like that. Maybe WG should be looking at those chats and close accounts for desiring "cancer" to anyone. Has anyone of those suffered cancer anytime or have any familiar with cancer that died? It's not just rat kids, there are adults saying this things and [edited]all the team by flaming, when it's just a game.


Just be nice, I've never insulted anyone in WoT, but i'm getting tired of playing just for the quantity of hatred that some ppl make in this game. I pledge to those who read me to just be calm and counsel or laught before flaming. We're here to play, aren't we? That's all, thanks for reading. From Spain to the World of Tanks, be nice, you will be happier too.



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xx984 #2 Posted 08 May 2018 - 11:08 PM


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