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One of the main reasons I like FL is because skill seems to have more value.

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Simeon85 #1 Posted 14 May 2018 - 02:33 PM


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Which is think is down to several reasons -


1. The map, it's obviously big but broken down into sections, but you feel you have space to move about and options how to approach stuff, there are potential cross-fires, there are flanking opportunities etc. you have choice in how to attack and engage the enemy. Conversely they have the same options to use against you, so you have to be more aware of what you are doing and where the threats are coming from. I feel I have been much more challenged in FL than I do in regular randoms. 


This contrasts heavily with many maps in random mode where your choices, especially at the beginning to middle of the game, are very limited, most maps have 1-2 viable flanks that often force short range frontal engagements with little ranged combat (unless it's shooting the base campers) and little room to flank. 


2. It's essentially 10 v 10, because of the way the map breaks you down into smaller groups you are often fighting battles where it's 1v1, 2v2, 2v3 etc. smaller groups of tanks battling each other, this means an individual player out playing an enemy has more impact, 1 player out of 10 has more chance to impact the game than 1 out of 15.


It also links with point 1 because in randoms with 15 v 15, those 30 tanks are often forced into small areas where as many as 20 tanks could basically be in the same map square due to the small map design with limited options where to go. Whereas FL not only are there essentially less tanks in an area, but the areas are more open and spread out, this means you can often find much smaller engagements.


It doesn't matter how good you are, if you are facing say 9 or 10 tanks on the 8 line on Abbey, your progress is going to be heavily dependent on RNG and your team mates, whereas I feel in FL good players can often win a series of smaller engagements that might change the outcome of the game.


3. Aggressive play is more important. - Even when defending, the best way to defend the caps is to be closer to them and more on the frontline, whereas in randoms you can often feel with all the base campers,  narrow corridors and OP red line spots that aggressive attacking play can get you punished. it's probably more rewarded in FL as well, plus you have the re-spawns so if you make an aggressive or risky play and it doesn't work out, your game is not over like it is in randoms. 


4. The consumables give a single player more tactical options. - I'm not a great fan of the arty strike and air strike consumables but having these options, plus the smokes and recon plane etc. and using them at the crucial times can make a big difference. it just gives you more in the toolbox as a player to make a difference and feel the better players will maximise the use of these tools.


5. The games are longer -  The longer games go on the more players who consistently make the right decisions will have a bigger impact on the outcome of games. 


Overall it feels like as a player you can make a difference more than your average random battle and I think that is what WOTs more used to be in the past but the more restricted maps, the idiot proof heavies etc. have dumbed down the game so it makes FL feel like a refreshing change. 

Dava_117 #2 Posted 14 May 2018 - 02:52 PM


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I more or less agree with you. FL it's really intresting and challenging mode.

There are just 2 thing I don't like:

1) Reserves distribution. First line tanks like HTs and MTs got just one while TDs and arty got 2. IMO LTs,MTs and HTs should get 3 reserves, TDs 2 and arty 1.

2) The defenders have no way to end the game except for timeout. Not a big problem, but would be nice to have more choice, IMO.

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LittleLara #3 Posted 14 May 2018 - 02:55 PM


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To me it felt more like a huge dmg farm than anything. Every single time I saw an FL tank, it was basically free dmg.

The sectors really make it easy for one team to just toon with 3 defenders and push every cap one by one. doesn't matter how good you are, you can't stop that alone while the people in the defender don't have to try that hard. (applied to randoms aswell but this is tier 8 only)

The aggressive play made it feel like a lot of people were just rushing and then the tank with the most DPM just wins.

The consumables do make quite a difference, since most people just drop them the second they are available instead of waiting for the right moment

The longer games just mean that mistakes don't get punished that hard, giving worse people an extra chance.


Good players will still come out on top, but I don't think they have move influence in FL than in randoms.

mango91 #4 Posted 14 May 2018 - 02:57 PM


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I like FL, but I feel the opposite way regarding skill


when you have to manage a single area big as a normal map (about) in 10vs10, it often happens that your tactic decisions well thought and planned, like holding a crucial hull down position or pushing hard on the enemy spawn to put pressure on everyone, crush with your line mates behaviour


I've seen too many players just driving around with almost 0 clue of what to do and where to go, letting you and the other map aware buddies facing packs of enemies


for sure good players will come out on top for dmg and exp, or rank, but it's different from being crucial in your contribution

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