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Dicker Max - how to improve?

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anonym_EjhEEaodzQwz #1 Posted 15 May 2018 - 09:07 AM


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I have more than 279 battles that you can see in my profile, so ignore that. 


I recently got back to World of Tanks with the release of 1.0.


What bothers me, obviously is a WN color, but also MOE 


I hardly doubt that I will ever leave the green zone, and go higher, a drop is more likely to happen. 


In the last couple days, I managed to raise my average damage to 850, just for it to drop to 801. 850 score gave me 79% MOE, I chcecked the ranking, and I found myself on the 40th position, that made me think. Playing randoms too. Dicker Max seems to be a rare tank, and it is even rarer to see a green player on it, usually it is a bunch of tomatoes or lemons. I found out, that WarGaming made missions for it, and gave it [almost] for free in vast numbers. Now, what is the reason of it being so unpopular? Is it because it is a specific, somehow situational tank, unfriendly to its owner, with many drawbacks, or what? If so many bad players play it, should the requirements for MOE not be lower? Or is it because so few people play it, that can hadle it, they are set at a high lvl. While checking the ranking, I think I found just one guy with 3rd MOE, couple with 2nd, and the rest with the 1st. 


I have it painted, with camouflage net, binocular telescope, and gun rammer. 4 x 100% camouflage on crew + 1 x 90%, sixth sense, and brothers in arms at 90%. In game discount made me buy almost 300 pieces of chocolate, which is another 10%, and I plant to use it once BIA hits 100%. 


Even though I [will] have all that, I do not feel too comfortable. I can not seems to find a way to improve, I can of course, blame the mm, bad team, bad map, bad side, bad [good] enemies, but it is nothing else, but an excuse. For a while I used to have 100 octane gasoline, and it worked well. 


I do not feel too useful, but the opposite. 



Shizuthink #2 Posted 15 May 2018 - 11:17 AM

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If I had to guess why it's unpopular, it's probably the combination of paper armor, mediocre mobility and lack of a turret. It doesn't like derp guns and they are very common on low tiers.

Sunshinetrooper #3 Posted 06 August 2018 - 08:25 PM


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You really need 6th sense, it becomes a heck of a lost easier once you have it. Since its a paper thin TD but with decent alpha and accuracy, you have to camp bush and after a shot, assume you've been spotted and fall back. 

NitroDeluxe #4 Posted 28 September 2018 - 12:11 AM


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It's a rare tank because most players know WG have removed too many sniping opportunities from maps and introduced too many city maps.  Best way to improve the tank is build a time machine and go back to 2013 when we had decent maps you could snipe on

Unicorn_of_Steel #5 Posted 03 November 2018 - 08:15 PM


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I think it isn't that popular because of the following reasons:


It is a German tank and the German tree is not really promoted as being a nice starting point in your WOT career. I guess a lot of players will stick with the Soviet TD line or go for the madly OP American T 67. That already limits the number of potential players. 


I think that within the German TD lines the StuG line is the most popular. That line combines very good guns with workable mobility and armour. You can kemp bush and snipe but you can also be right behind and even in the front line. The Dicker Max is, as said before, totally different: no armour, rather sluggish and not suitable for front line duty at all. That difference also limits the number of potential players.


Now, if you want to use the Dicker Max as crew trainer and for credit farming, you have to play it a lot. And then you simply have to like the more passive play style that comes with it. I am a great fan of the StuG III G and the Jg. Pz. IV and i will most certainly go further down that line. I sure can use a crew trainer but i really doubt if Dicker Max will work for me. I think that goes for a lot of potential players. 


Just my 2 cents....i am a deep red potato with some orange days.

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