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How to M46 Patton

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Plutonious #1 Posted 16 May 2018 - 10:00 AM


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I cannot make this tank work. I've got two main problems with the tank.


The first issue is the gun accuracy combined with horrible pen. Even with a 4 skill crew and running cola, the shots fly pretty much everywhere but where I am aiming.  And if I do actually hit, it doesnt pen, because 218 pen when you're forced to fight obj 268v4s and Type 5s just doesn't cut it. And since the accuracy is so poor, you can't really have any hope of hitting a weakspot- if they even exist in these days of invulnerable super heavies.


The other issue I have is the paper turret. Based on the gun depression you'd think this tank would be good on ridge lines, but it just isn't because the turret has no armor. I have higher armor use values in light tanks, I don't think I've ever seen the turret bounce a shot yet. I've found I'm basically forced to trade shots to do any damage, which doesn't work in your favor when you're an auto pen but can't pen what you're shooting at. 


I'm averaging about 1600 damage, which sucks. I find the tank super unfun to play. There's nothing more frustrating than missing 10 fully aimed shots at a target 200m in front of you, or poking a ridgeline trying to work your 10 degrees of gun depression to have that t8 light tank just go right through your turret.


Help me understand how to play this thing!

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