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Mod request: CreepPeak

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thiextar #1 Posted 17 May 2018 - 06:07 PM

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So you know how you can peak by just pressing "r" once to go really slowly and peak with basically full aim. Only issue is that it can be a bit annoying and unintuitive to control, since your only way of stopping, is to press "f", and then use s to back off after the shot, way too much  to do while also having to aim and fire. Often this makes me stay visible on the corners for far too long, so here goes the request:


Would it be possible to put this functionality into a mod that works like this?:


1. You can bind a key like ctr or maybe caps, lets call this the "creepkey"


2. While i you hold down the "creepkey", "w" would go at the same speed as one notch on the "r" meter.


3. when i release "w", the tank stops


4. reverse and everthing else works as normal.


I think that a mod such as this would be of tremendous use to not just me, but a ton of people who find creep peeking to be very usefull, but highly annoying and unintuitive to pull of.


Would such a thing be possible? Would anyone here want to take up this project? Cause i think it could go really big, but i just dont have the expertise to pull it of.


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