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Need help with T34-3's gun remodeling

Modding Remodel Skins Gun remodel

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SparkRoven #1 Posted 20 May 2018 - 12:08 PM


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Hello, I'm SP.

I'm here to ask for some help from you guys who might have a better idea then me to how i can repositions the gun after i remodeling it?

Got some pictures here. The gun, marks of excellence and inscriptions doesn't appears correctly.

I tried to make a xml-file and also tried to used with UML in res_mod folder too. But no luck, the game crashed nor it won't load into battle in the replay files.

Ps. if you guys know the rules of remodeling, you are welcome to explain them to me too. About what i can and what i cannot.


Model: T34-3

Turret: WZ-120 top turret

Gun: 121B gun

This remodel didn't have any purpose to hack or cheat in the game, just personal visual imporved of my favorite tank ^^ No affect on gamplay.


Thanks and best regards SP

See you on the battlefield ;-)






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