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Reimburse on tanks?

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Roundogz #1 Posted 23 May 2018 - 07:37 PM


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So to cut a long story short, i had a KV-5 years ago and it was sold when someone took (hacked) my account. I ended up speaking to support about this once receiving access to my account again. They said that i would need to provide evidence that i payed for the tank, like you have to do at the moment except i was not told that i could show any payments made from the paypal that i use to show that i have owner ship of the account.

Meaning that i though i needed to provide the exact payment that i used for the KV-5. This was a near impossible task because i had bought it years prior. 

I ended up on giving up on getting the tank back and left the game for a year, once returning i have been playing the game consistently and soon found that a reimburse system was added to the game "Deport", i see that any rare tanks that you sell are placed there and can be bought back at any point using credits. But my KV-5 is not there, any clue why? does it not count as a rare tank?

Basically i want to know if anyone knows a way inwich i can get the tank back.


Thanks :)


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