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InfernoJack #1 Posted 23 May 2018 - 09:04 PM


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Wargaming, you need to provide the community with some kind of basic map creator/editor software.


How many maps are in the game right now? From memory isn't it about 30? Then think of all the old removed maps, and maps that have been changed sometimes for the better but more often that not end up being worse (fishermans bay, fjords and erlenberg come to mind). The lack of variety and all the corridor maps are really frustrating to me and I'm sure many other players too. And I think we need many old maps bought back and many new maps added.


So to do this why not release some kind of rudimentary map creator/editor for players to build their own maps. Then they can be submitted to WG to look at. Maybe make some changes. Check it for balance, play test it and so on. How many players are playing WoT now? Even if 1% of the player base each made and submitted one map, that would be a whole lot of maps. And sure many would be complete rubbish but among them would surely be some quite good ones or even some outstanding ones. WG can just employ some intern on minimum wage supplemented by lots of gold and premium tanks to their account to look at the maps and put forward any decent ones for further inspection by the dev team, which would cost WG next to nothing, with the end goal of having maybe double the number of maps we have now, and actually have the maps be good.

Homer_J #2 Posted 23 May 2018 - 09:15 PM

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It would create more work checking the maps than it does creating them.


If it's offered as an official product then it can't have anything which falls foul of any individual countries laws.  Which means checking every map in fine detail.


We already had the German authorities have them remove several medals from the game.


You can't just run round it for ten minutes and pronounce it fit for release.

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