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How about "Hybrid" PMM tanks? Other suggestions?

maybe better than nothing

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SoupFork #1 Posted 24 May 2018 - 12:38 PM


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On the one hand I understand (although stronlgy disagree) the alleged reasons for having to remove PMM.

On the other hand, removing PMM will remove the key selling point of those tanks, which is "not done", especially if we may end up out of pocket if we don't like the changes.

Switching to -1/+1 MM is not going to happen, WG insist 3-5-7 is perfect and what "everyone" wants... (Also, having -1/+1 MM for everyone effectively nullifies PMM as well...)


So how about suggesting solutions instead of ranting because I seriously doubt WG will change their stance but maybe, just maybe we can come up with alternatives that suit everyone.


How about making the "problematic" T8 PMM tanks "Hybrids"?

- In standard configuration it stays exactly as it is now. Nothing changes to your tank. Good old PMM T8 you love.

- An extra gun option is added to each PMM tank. If you mount this gun, your tank gets all the intended buffs to make it "competitive in TX battles (cough..)" but loses the PMM while using this configuration.


You can switch between modes simply by swapping guns.

Players do not lose their PMM tanks, WG gains some MM relief.


No one loses their beloved PMM tank and people playing it in "Buffed" mode don't stress out the poor MM potato server.

Sure, not everyone will play it in "buffed" mode but surely it could make enough of a difference to solve the MM issues?





Aikl #2 Posted 24 May 2018 - 12:55 PM


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Good idea, but it's not something Wargaming would want. Not now, anyway, the goal is currently just to remove PMM, from the looks of it. This would be a mighty fine solution back when they wanted to rebalance PMM tanks and claimed that removing PMM status was the best way of doing it. It arguably is - when they're still selling the sodding "problematic" tanks you can't afford to mess stuff up.


Also, I'm not sure if we should assume that the matchmaker actually struggles with PMM tanks, or that the PMM tanks have an impact on the matchmaker of other T8 tanks. It's probably more like a 'gameplay issue', i.e they're blocking the great 3-5-7 bukkake. Even that is doubtful; never saw that mentioned in the Q&As, did we?

Anyway, even if we assume that they are causing problems, we should skeptical about the fact that this is just another step towards shoehorning a crappy, pattern-based matchmaker into the game. I don't like being force-fed changes because Wargaming messed up - and refuse to mend their mistakes by, say, removing the darn PMM tanks already.

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Strappster #3 Posted 24 May 2018 - 12:55 PM

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The tanks aren't the problem. The problem is that PMM breaks the match-making algorithm. You're not going to fix that by retaining PMM, even if you make it opt-in. Would you like to play your tier 8 heavy against Type 5's and Bobjects? No, you're going to use that PMM option.


Without knowing the intricacies of the match-making algorithm it's impossible to offer up a potential solution, we could propose anything and not worry about the practicalities of implementing it. As an example, here's my solution - make PMM work as it used to where you're top tier in a +2 battle more often and not stuck in a perpetual loop of full tier 8 or 5/10 tier 9 battles. There, I've fixed it, it's the perfect solution for everyone except that we know it doesn't work.

Geno1isme #4 Posted 24 May 2018 - 01:33 PM


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Well, if WG wanted to give players a choice between both variants it would be way easier for them to simply add the buffed version as a separate tank and gift it to all KV-5 owners. The "alternate gun" idea would require completely new mechanics internally.

Balc0ra #5 Posted 24 May 2018 - 01:49 PM

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IS-6 on WOT Blitz has two guns. The other gun has 221 pen and 400 alpha "390 alpha guns on that tier is not a thing in their balance". But you can put on the 175 pen gun for more dpm etc. But this ofc won't affect the MM. As Blitz has +1 MM due to the team sizes etc. But the idea is sound. And I would actually welcome that too. 


Tho.. I would want that on my lights too. Put on the old gun and engine on the ELC and you get +4 MM again with zero chance to be top tier. That I know a minority have wished for. But it would still be fun for some I guess. 

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