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Transition M46 Patton to M47


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Pattonizer #1 Posted 26 May 2018 - 01:32 PM


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So it's and old thought here in the forum, but hasn't been any proper discussion about it.

Every Patton fetishizer nows, that M46 is the most beautiful, sexiest tank in the game (Now up to this point, every heretic unbeliever has left the Topic already, so we, players with the real delicate taste can talk freely!).

HOWEVER, every one of us knows too, that our dreamworld is based on a lie. M46 is the manifestation of our juiciest dreams indeed, but it's not the M46. It's the M46 Patton with the M47 turret mounted on it, a true abomination, Wargaming's witch's brew from the earliest ages of the Universe.

Now for years, we had no problem selling our souls to the Devil, as WG had done some interesting stuff already with other historical lines.
Everything has changed with the Korean Patton's arrival. The M46 Patton Kr, which is the actual M46 Patton. A beauty as it is, it's also got a fancy historical painting as well. Behold!

Truly magnificent!

Now, if you think it is just a naming error with the Tier9 med, as the M47 turret makes it the M47, it's time to take the red pill. Search for the M47...hm, it definitely looks a bit odd. Well, it looks like what reality supposed to look like:

Wow! After having an eyegasm, let's read along.

It's much more bulky, a cute baby-beast, like the in-game T69 for example. This is the M47's hull, that tumor-ish slope of the middle is gone. The suspension is also different. So no, the M46 Patton with the M47 turret DOES NOT give us the M47. This hull starts to resemble to the later Pattons. Thus, would be a proper transition from the M26 Pershing (Also a very respected tank by good people, but not a Patton, so don't get too attached if you want to avoid Purgatory) to the M48 Patton.

We could have the M26, M46 (the premium tier 8), M47 (the new tier 9), M48 and lastly the M60 (also an upgraded tank in the same tier as a premium) in the game.

With the tier8 premium, the M46 Kr, the tiger paint should be an optional thing, if someone wishes to play with the original one; in that case camouflage should be usable as well.

Also, an update for the M47 turret's texture (the new proposed tier 9 med) with those prehensile bars on the side, and a machine gun on the top would be well-received as a second turret. The first one could be the now-used M47 turret, but with the weaker armor ratings, so the update feeling won't go anywhere. Ladies and Gents, the fully upgraded, tier 9 medium tank, the one and only M47 Patton II:

We would certainly lose the sexy hybrid we are driving now, but in the name of a holy cause.

Agree or agree?

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Rokim #2 Posted 28 May 2018 - 12:38 AM

    Warrant Officer

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Too bad patton kr and t25 pilot are underpowered garbage this days.

Pattonizer #3 Posted 28 May 2018 - 06:29 PM


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View PostRokim, on 27 May 2018 - 11:38 PM, said:

Too bad patton kr and t25 pilot are underpowered garbage this days.


Ups and downs, I guess. 

Pattonizer #4 Posted 29 May 2018 - 05:36 PM


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Btw, there is a game, where they've managed to introduce the M47 properly.

Khmm, khmmm....

Baleent7 #5 Posted 13 June 2018 - 09:24 AM


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You are my man! Tier9 Pershing was the first line I grinded when the game went live after open beta. When they introduced the tier9 Patton and moved Pershing into tier8, it was a huge disappointment, but I got used to it, kinda. I played a lot with the Pershing even after, and I enjoyed it very much. However it got powercreeped pretty badly, and increasing penetration from 180 to 190 simply didn't cut it. It is underpowered. I also played M46 Patton a lot, and it is my new favourite tank in the game, in the most balanced tier, unlike 8 and 10... Unfortunately Patton is also getting powercreeped in my opinion, though a lot of people say it's fine. It received a turret buff recently, and the upgraded M47 turret now has 205 mm armor (maybe on a 1 cm^2 area), but the turret is just as butter as it's always been.

I am absolutely with you on this issue! I really wanted the M47 hull to be introduced to the game a lot earlier, but of course WG priorities has its own priorities... I say after all those stupid Russian T-54 clones and others, we have the right to demand the M47 in the game! And not in form of some stupid premium tank, but a fully researchable tier9 tank along with the M46 which could stay where it is right now, but with the stock turret. I think it would be great if we had 2 tier9 mediums with slightly different stats.

I hope WG is reading your topic, because I really want this to happen.

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