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Help selecting a new gaming monitor

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CircleOfSorrow #1 Posted 26 May 2018 - 02:34 PM


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I am considering upgrading my crappy old phillips 1080/60 monitor, and I want some help on selecting a new one.  I have noticed that 4k/144 monitors are very very expensive, even when they have the least expensive screen type.  What should I consider when looking at new monitors?  I don't need the colour representation to be perfect, and I don't need a massive screen (23 inches would be fine).  What specs are nice to have, and why?  Are there negatives to high resolutions and framerates beside being taxing on the system?  Any particular models stand out as good deals presently?

CircleOfSorrow #2 Posted 26 May 2018 - 04:39 PM


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Has anybody got an AOC Gaming AGON series AG241QX - 24" TN LCD-monitor?  I like the look of it.  1440p/60hz for 300 euros looks good.

NekoPuffer_PPP #3 Posted 26 May 2018 - 06:16 PM


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Can't help much, but I can say I've noticed AOC monitors are the cheapest. As far as quality is concerned, I have no idea.


I use a TV as my monitor :D  Hitachi LED 1080p 60hz 24" with matte screen. 5-or-so years old, bought for ~200€.


I too have been searching for a new monitor, one with adjustable angles, preferably 27" and 1440p, but I don't even know if my GPU supports resolutions over 1080p...or is that only limited by the display? 2Gb GTX950 btw.

PizzaMatii #4 Posted 26 May 2018 - 08:12 PM


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A friend has a AOC AG241QX and is really happy  with it.

And it was best  price / specs  he could buy  1440p  144Hz.  


He says  1440p on 24"  is acceptable - for desktop icons  size and website writing size. ( probably 27" will be perfect )


There is also AOC  AG271QX (the 27" . )  and  ASUS MG278Q (also 27" . )  with same specs  TN,  1440p,  144Hz


Edit :

also for me 4K monitors are too big ... 

i will  need a  32"  screen to be able to use it properly and  32"  is way too big for a monitor   i am sitting under 1 meter away from.


and to get 144FPS  on a 4K screen  you need a really good GPU  ( probably even 1080Ti  is not enough for AAA games )

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Nishi_Kinuyo #5 Posted 26 May 2018 - 10:55 PM

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Don't even presume to get 144fps on a 4k screen.

Why? Because it effectively means you GPU has to render four times as much as with your current 1080p monitor.

I was looking for such a screen a month or two ago and I couldn't find one on any of the manufacturer sites that I checked.


And for a 1440p screen you still need some pretty decent hardware to get the higher framerates.

In which case I'd say that there'd be no net benefit from going for a 165hz monitor over a 144hz one.

So I settled for a 1440p monitor instead of a 4K one, and with my current hardware I struggle to get 60fps in WoT.

Although for Warframe I can get 100fps+ no problem. :sceptic:

Specs: i7-3820, 16GB RAM, Rx 480 Nitro+ 8GB, Win7 Home Premium.


As for actual screen technology; I'd say that a TN panel would be a last choice if the budget exists for a better type like IPS or MVA.

One other thing you should keep in mind is the response time; ideally you'll want it under the 10ms, but there's no real reason to go for 2ms or lower since you likely won't notice the difference.

For manufacturers; personally I'd stay away from LG if possible, because I have bad experiences with them at work (refurbishment) where a relatively high percentage of LG monitors are defective compared to HP or Dell.

Speaking of Dell, I find that the past couple of years they've been very eco-friendly in the way they pack their products; using pressed cardboard instead of styrofoam. Might not be a big reason, but personally I'd prefer to stay as far away from styrofoam as possible.

As for framerates; the higher the better since it'll be less straining for your eyes. Anything of 75Hz and up should be much better than 60Hz.

Don't think there's much downside in terms of resolutions, except that higher resolutions can make the GUI and text harder to read compared to lower resolutions.

Fortunately, GUI scaling is a thing these days, so especially for windows you can set it to 150% and have things quite readable.

For computer games it depends on the game itself. Some have quite good GUI scaling, others have barely any at all.


 but I don't even know if my GPU supports resolutions over 1080p...or is that only limited by the display? 2Gb GTX950 btw.

 Its a combination of both.

And I think that the GTX950 supports 4K resolutions, although don't expect to get more than a slideshow when playing games.

Since I think that for that card, the 4K support is mostly for watching films and for office purposes.

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