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My impressions how the game has changed recently

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iuytr #1 Posted 27 May 2018 - 07:08 PM

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1 Gun accuracy seems to have gone up a LOT. Arty in particular hitting everyhting. It's worth playing arty again :great:


2 Once you're spotted you seem to stay spotted for longer, even if you immediately try and drive away at speed or into cover.


So taking those two combined, it's now all about not getting spotted. Once you're spotted you're cut to shreds very quickly. I find this a bit odd, as I play at tiers 3-5 mainly, and maybe there's a lot of seal clubbers about, but the way you're cut to pieces so quickly seems a bit odd to me if players are your typical 5,000 battles or less players.


Anyway, must start playing arty more heh heh or camping on the baseline :hiding:

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