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KV-13 need for speed

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purplehayes #1 Posted 29 May 2018 - 01:38 PM

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Hi all.


So this topic is about the KV-13. This tank was maybe my first tier 7 which I got in 2011 and have consistently played it more than any other tank now hitting almost 5500 battles so I know it very well. I am good with it, its got a 3 star gun and my damage stays at around 97-99%. I like it a lot and its very good in many situations. I do not think the tank is underpowered, and its definitely not overpowered, the balance is quite good.


Nevertheless I think it should get a buff.


When I first chose this tank after looking at the performance stats one of the main reasons I wanted to get it was its top speed of 60kph. Back then that was as fast as any tank in the game, and there weren't too many mediums or even lights which could match that. I thought wow a KV that does 60! the KV (now KV2) being my main point of reference for such surprise. Obviously the KV-13 turned out to be very different but better for me I think.


Anyway zipping around at 60 was pretty awesome because it allows you to do lot like getting into key positions first for damage or spotting, or makes it possible to chase down enemy lights, as well as escape from dangerous situations giving slower tanks the slip when you are hunted down yourself. It seemed the way the tank was meant to be and I still play it in a similar way as a sometime brawler, but more like a heavy scout especially in tier 9 games it performs well in this role, especially with having a much better radio than the other Russian meds at T7.


Unfortunately the KV-13 was hit with a nerf in a round of rebalancing that was done a few years ago, losing that crucial 10kph that made all the difference in finding position and outrunning faster heavies, slower meds, and chasing lights. The KV-13 has been reduced to the somewhat average 50kph and doesn't really stand out the way that it should and did. I have always thought this was a mistake and only grow more convinced it should get back the 10kph it deserves.


The T43 is 1kph faster which at the time of the nerf seemed crazy to me although now I think the t43 could also do with some little tweak of improvement since its not got too much going for it, but then they brought in the A-44 which has quite a bit more armour, faster traverse, 6 tons more weight and a big hefty gun yet it STILL goes faster than either, topping out at 59kph. That does not seem right because you might say well, kv-13 has good armour so it shouldn't get the speed but A-44 has more armour, maneuverability, firepower AND weight yet goes faster.


Its not like this would ruin the balance of the game, what with all the power creep that's happened since then and the max speed now at what 72 is it? I mean no-one else hardly even plays the tank do they? you don't see too many of them because players need to be given a little more reason to try it out given its odd tech tree position. 60kph would give it just exactly what it needs to stand out a little bit more.


Probably the biggest reason it should get it though is what prompted this post today. I caught a tier 9 game on Mines and went for the hill seeing as there's not too many other good spots for a bottom tier med on Mines. I got a great spawn to rush the hill but what do you know a T10 managed to get there first and set my engine on fire when I'm carrying food instead of fire extinguisher. Now any tank might have been able to burn me up like that, but it seems off that a 50 ton tier 9 heavy should be able to beat a 30 ton 'fast' med to the hill, or any place for that matter. t10 isn't the only one either those Chinese ones are equally fast.


I think this ought to be corrected. So the t10 is fast for a heavy, that's fine, but I think the kv-13 should have a little extra for exactly this kind of thing. my KV clocking 60kph would give the T-10 a chance of the shot that set me on fire, but not a guarantee of it which is what happened. I can think of other examples too like say I'm trying to escape some heavies after a flank has fallen, in a city area for example they aren't super fast heavies like T-10 but maybe they max out at 40 like an e-75 or something. Now in this situation with all the turning and weaving to try and block their shots with buildings and stuff while you flee, chances are you still aren't going to escape, because a 10kph advantage isn't enough to negate the fact that they can cut you off by following your trajectory. (does that make sense?)


If the KV-13 could do 60 again, the T10 would still catch it out much of the time but most heavies would struggle as they rightly should. Meanwhile KV-13 can go back to ticking all those boxes of a great fast brawling med and heavy scout/counter scout how I like to think its played best.


So what does anyone else think? Maybe some issues I haven't considered. Obviously I am biased but I think this buff can be justified especially when it used to be the reality. What I can't justify is some of the tanks stats I look at and can't believe they are so much faster or even approaching the speed of KV-13.


Apologies for rambling, thanks for reading. Support the cause!


Edit: I also realise tht engine power is more of a factor when getting to hill on mines and weaving around towns to escape, and if they seee fit to give it a slightly better engine, say an extra 50-75 horsepower, then that would be great too but just speed in general is key, and horsepower alone i do not think would be enough to allow the KV-13 to stand out.

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Dava_117 #2 Posted 29 May 2018 - 02:03 PM


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Didn't know KV-13 got nerfed but, to be honest, I think the main disadvantage is the gun penetration... I didn't buy it for that reason, because 144 pen for a tier 7 med is quite bad (yeh, I know most of them are in this pen region, but it still bad). With that armour and leading to IS too, I would have expected the 100mm gun to be the top gun.


Anyway, I don't find any problem in buffing the top speed from 50 to 60km/h. :)

TungstenHitman #3 Posted 29 May 2018 - 03:08 PM


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Tbh I think 50kph is about right. After all its a really heavily armored medium. How well armored? well, it's pretty much identical in every way to the tier7 IS heavy and I'm not joking you can check it out, in fact, I think it has slightly better either side or rear armor but we don't care about that too much the fact is that frontally, it has the exact same armor as and IS heavy only you have to weigh up the pros vs cons.


Pros - same big armor as an equal tier IS heavy but with the mobility and flexibility of a medium tank that can bully a battle when top tier.


Cons - the IS heavy tank armor isn't actually that good and almost useless vs the tier8 and tier9 you will face most every battle as bottom tier so it's strongest asset is actually not anything worth having since ineffective. Also, while it has armor same as IS, it certainly doesn't have a big meaty cannon like an IS, it has a wimpy tier6 top gun that is fine on a T34-85 but mostly ineffective for penning tier8 and 9 even with APCR and trades very very poorly against many equal tier, certainly very badly vs higher tiers, 180 alpha that maybe pens a tier8 or 9 for a return shot of 400+ alpha from that same tier8 or 9. You just cant ever feel good about eating a 400+ alpha shot just after bouncing several shots or penning for 180 alpha... feels bad, really bad, I don't want to play anymore levels of bad. 


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