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Blacklist for abysmal team play

team play blacklist

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uberdocktor #1 Posted 30 May 2018 - 09:48 PM


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My first post on the fora, but it comes following increasing irritation at the standard of gameplay.


You can check my history in my Service Record, and I would consider myself a pretty average player (mostly as Arty) but, recently, I've encountered multiple LT and MT clustered around my arty position, or MT, HVY and TD in some kind of circle jerk position on the map.


They don't appear to contribute anything; in fact, when you look at the after battle scores, they are in the zero to low hundreds.


I can indicate where I'm targeting, voice comments to move and tell them that I will fire on their flipping vehicles unless they start to play the flipping game.


To little response.


However, when you check the Service Record, they have 17K - 40K battles, and they are, typically Clan members.


Is this some kind of HP/experience mining plot, or are these players just not interested in team play?


I can blacklist players from communicating with me, but they can still (as far as I'm aware) still get fractionated for my team?


Is it possible to introduce another mechanism, and I'm sure it is, to place a block on a player (I'm using that description lightly) from ever appearing in your own team line-up again?


Obviously, some players are inexperienced, but after 17K battles?


Perhaps, allow 5K encounters to differentiate but, thereafter, you can blacklist a player from joining your team again, much as you can invite them as a friend or invite them to join your Clan?





*Just me in the clan. Message me if you can spare a few hours, each week, and are interested in team play.





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