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Bring back some old Premium Tanks for Tank Collectors

Old Premium/Tank Collectors

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Seaman20m #1 Posted 31 May 2018 - 03:59 PM


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Hello everyone,


I want to start a initiative that for tank collectors Wargaming bring back some rare premium tanks sometimes in a while. For example the Sexton I she was removed in 2015 because they sad she was to unpopular and since then she don't was able to get your hands on it, I guess special for tank collectors, It would be nice to have a chance to get them if they don't have them, I guess out there are a lot of tanks collectors to want to have some rare tanks, who wasn't in the shop now for years. And that there is a balancing problem for some tanks, they don't can tell me this anymore after make the e25 or some other tank available again. It is not the case that I want to play it all day once in a will but the main reason is to finish my collection. 

And I guess there a lot of other collectors' out there who would be happy to get there hands on one or a other tank.

Please support this Idea you also can or write what you think about it. Thank you in advance.


With Kind Regard,


Adre_ #2 Posted 31 May 2018 - 05:22 PM


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Wait for 1st April, they will more likely sell again something designed to lure players into supporting game, like m6a2e1,kv-220- beta etc, just to kick those, who helped start the game with initial wave of money, into the balls. If you like to add some rare tanks, buy RL models, i know, its crazy, right? Buy RL model, for REAL collecting, something, that you can use, paint, play in RL, even after WG servers shut down and all those precious tank collected in-game will be gone. For instance,Ferdinand comes with bonus code for french arty, that little balanced fella everybody likes.  Btw if they add them again for sale, they wont be rare anymore, so i dont see the point.

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