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Panzer III J penetration

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HeinrichFuhrmann #1 Posted 01 June 2018 - 11:48 AM


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It's bin ages now and the 5 cm kw.k. 39 L/60 still has abysmal penetration. With the current matchmaking it meets too many tanks he can't even scratch. Not even the weak spots. Even APCR doesn't relaibly penetrate KV-1 or Matilda.

And over time they added more and more tanks with quite good armor that you can't scratch with this gun. In addition this tank, with this gun, was intended to fight T-34s which he can't penetrate either.

It's ridiculous and it's almost impossible to play this tank in a useful way, that a Luchs couldn't do much better.

The search option even showed a topic from 2014 on the forums where someone explains how this is historical [edited], and gameplay wise just punishes anyone who wants to play the Panzer III.

The Tank is far from being OP. Either that, or I am doing something very wrong.

Please, WG, finally buff the penetration of this gun.

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