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Is STB-1 actually good at anything?

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Getern #1 Posted 03 June 2018 - 11:26 PM


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Recently I am literally try harding to make STB-1 work. Well at least I am trying to get better at and what I mean by that is to train my patience. I am kind of 105 Meds fanboy and I got my STB at the begining of 2015. At that time, tank didnt feel special to me but one could feel the potential it had. I feel like I am having really extreme view because I got back into the game in 2017. Well accuracy nerfs hit all the meds hard but I feel like it had the biggest impact exacly on STB-1. This gun is not reliable anymore. When u are aiming for tracks u may as well take into account that it will be a miss. Unless its really close range up to 50m of course. Thats not the worst part. In situations when u either hit or die there is very high chance u are going down, especially when u have to snipe for weakspot. Its not the case with M48 Patton or Centurion AX for example. Gun is really bad and DPM doesnt really makes up for it. And hey, tank is no longer DPM king. AMX 30B is slightly better in that case not even mention the fact that it can deliver the shots more reliably.

The other thing that seem to be different is armor. For those who didnt play before, belive or not but this thing used to be bouncing quite a lot on front plate. I dont understand what was changed exacly but currently everything goes in just like that. Well I checked the model only to find out that posted 110mm on front is a lie. Its just a narrow strip at the edge. Everything else is 80mm which means it wont bounce a thing. The upper front plate, extremely angled is 40mm, that gets overmatched by most tanks u are dealing with on full tier X matches. The turret is defferent story tho. Correct me if I am wrong but turret had something around 85mm at the introducion. Somehow it was enough for most of the time to reliably bounce Jgpanzer E100. It was just happening all the time. Currently its almost impossible to pull out. Turret seems more flattened on front now. Maybe its just my visual impression. I ve seen people comparing STB-1's turret with Patton's. Well its not even close. It doesnt matter that Patton's turret is way bigger. That thing can reliably fight against HEAT spamming russian medium with ease. Its not the case with STB-1's. All pokes has to be strategic otherwise you have to take take into consideration that you will get penetrated. What even more annoying (since everyone shoting gold is everyday struggle) people are reliably penetrating my mantlet with AP. Yes, just standard round. The weakpoint on top is redundant since ~75% will penetrate front of the turret anyway.  I almost forget to mention that about lack of sidescrapping possibilites. STB-1 is sort of Leopard 1, but hey it doesnt have the speed, neither the gun.

When it comes to mobility, tank doesnt feel to be doing better than any other tier X med. I would compare it to Centurion AX myself. Ground resistances worse than what russian mediums have. I read it somewhere that the "unique" thing about STB-1 is suppose to be its "hydraulic" suspension. I cant tell any good thing about it. But there is definitely one trait STB-1 have that may have something to do with it. What I found is the fact that STB-1 takes way more fall damage than any other medium (even any tank) I ve been playing. Not even mention losing modules which comes with it. To be fair even Leopard 1 doesnt take so much fall damage. Can anyone actually explain that?

Something not many ever mention on forums is gun elevation. Well, u may say meh, Its not that important. Well then try to aim for someting above you and check how far back you have to go. Not even mention that certain high ground position really require you to have the elevation. For example where u are slightly climbing and shoting from side. Thats extremely frustrating considering that my other medium doesnt seem to have problems with that.

When it comes to camoflage. Well, I can compare it to M48 Patton's camo. That is just my feeling, no matter the size camoflage seems to be non existent. Although I can feel the difference with my T-62 not even mentioning that they are relatively same size. The amount of times I have been outspotted by open field Object while standing in the bush is too damn high. Meaning that camouflage values are trash.

What I forget to mentioned at first is high vulnerability to HE ammunition in general. While artilery is a one thing and getting hit reliably for 500 HP is nothing unusual. Even regular HE can deal some serious damage. I cant tell how reliably its possible but I was hit snaped by moving T49 in front plate for 900 HP, well this is something I didnt even take into consideration that might happen. Getting Rekt by FV4005/183 for 1500 is nothing unusual either. The biggest pain is the fact that it all goes through front plate, one of the most amored structures of the tank. There is no space armor whatsoever. Top of the tank isnt any better, even tho by size STB-1 seems to be relatively small tank, artilery can still provide the pain. While getting "dynamic gameplayed" I was getting hits up 950 Hp mostly from american artilery. I was said artilery was nerfed? I do not see much difference in damage while I am also getting stunned for 18 seconds.

*Update I got hit for 1400 from Conq. GC.

- unreliable turret armor;
- lack of sidescrapping possibilities;
- poor gun handling;
- poor accuracy;
+ second best DPM;
+ gun depression;

- lack of gun elevation;
+ mediciore mobility;
- high fall damage;
- artilery and HE vulnerability;
- poor camo.

That makes STB-1 flanking and flaniking tank only. With assumption that you wont take much or any damage in the process. Probably the most difficult tier X medium tank to work out.
What is all that for? Its one of those Buff threads, you know. The overall buff to everything would be great considering how overperforming other medium are in comparison to STB-1. But when I am suppose to be specific. I would either make it professional "Hull-down beast". What I mean by that is buff to turret armor to make it rarely penetrable only with "skill rounds". Keep weakpoint still weak, but still it suppose to bounce from time to time just like any other medium's can. Upper front plate could also use more mm to make sure it wont get over-matched. That way u could leave gun handling as it is, or dispersions a little. In other case we could go for better gun handling all the way, but then we would simply get slower AMX 30B.

For now thats all I can tell about STB-1 and what I propose to make it viable for average player in current META. What do u folks thinks about all that? I am aware that the way I am writing might be a little weird, but take into consideration that I am not native English "writer".

Check above, I added "HE vulnerability section".

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xx984 #2 Posted 03 June 2018 - 11:32 PM


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Its one of the worst tier 10 meds, But somehow i enjoy playing mine and find it quite fun, and i have no idea why. I seem to do quite well in it as well. one of my favourites despite it being underwhelming compared to the others. Same way i prefer FV215B to S.Conq i guess

Eokokok #3 Posted 04 June 2018 - 08:58 AM

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Probably it can be salvaged with siege mechanics implemented for the suspension, but as it is now, the soft stats are not justified at all.

kaneloon #4 Posted 23 June 2018 - 02:46 AM


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I fully agree with you Getern.


You have to be a unicum can make it work, and even that is not certain.

I too really tried to make is work, but I will stop to play it.


It is big, no camo, no armor, and ... what is the use of gun depression if you miss half your shots.

I think the worse is the forever focus of any one, especially arty. Every battle I have an ammorack or I lose the engine, the gunner, the driver ...


I think that if it has some camo it would be workable, but now just ... no.


So ... useless to wait for WG to do something ... I suppose they think the Type 5 is good, so no need to have another good japanese tiers X.


I'll do like everyone with some IQ, I'll buy some new op tank. 

ThiccDerpingLoli #5 Posted 27 June 2018 - 05:55 PM

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In short: Outdated tank that has no place in current tier X meta. Unless you are unicum theres no reason to play this tank. Powercreep is real..

pudelikael #6 Posted 23 July 2018 - 07:27 PM

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pure fake tank


522m viewrange is real is 430m, stb cant spot anything

258 pen is fake, real pen is 230

camo is 30, but real camo is 16


but this game is russian game and everything here is one big scam

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