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Review and guide to the VK 30.02D

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yeezusk #1 Posted 04 June 2018 - 03:38 PM


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To start off with, this has to be one of my favorite tier 7 medium tanks. The gun suprised a lot of people when brawling and I typically out DPM'ed everyone. This tank is a great all rounder and is definitely a keeper.

When I first got the tank I free xp'd my way to the top 88mm gun. I was too lazy to grind for it and I was just excited to play it. In a matter of just 72 battles with a 72% win ratio ,1300DPG and 82.5% on my mark I was able to research the Indien Panzer.


Equipment -



GLD/Vert Stabs/ Binos


Crew Skills -  Im guessing you are grinding to the Leo 1 with this tank, so here are my recommended crew skills.

Commander - Sixth Sense/ Repairs/ Camo

Gunner - Snap Shot / Repairs / Camo

Driver - Repairs / Camo / Smooth Ride

Radio Operator - Situational Awareness / Repairs / Camo

Loader - Repairs / Camo / Safe Stowage

You can drop camo , and safe stowage for BIA on this tank, however I don't it's that usefull


Armour - Don't rely on your armour too much, you can bounce some tier 6's and some tier 5's however everything else is guranteed to go through. It doesn't mean the armour is bad, you have around 115-120mm of effective frontal hull armour. Don't rely on your turret too much either, its only 125mm effective and when using your 8 degrees of gun depression you'll have around 135mm of effective armour.

Your sides and rear are paper thin (45,50mm) so dont show them to your enemies. The armour is well rounded and it's not the best or the worst. You have 1250 hitpoints! Use them, dont be scared to loose some to take out an enemy but be careful picking ur target and make sure they're rather isolated.


Firepower -  The top 88mm gun on this tank is amazing. It has the second lowest penetration of all tier 7 mediums however it makes up with its 2nd best DPM of all tier 7 mediums. With my setup I got 2444 DPM. In some cases you don't start seeing this number until some tier 9 mediums.

With 145pen and 220 alpha, you are an excellent brawler and flanker. You need to constantly shoot in this tank to scare off your enemies and do constant damage. Of course, the penetration is weak, you may struggle with some tier 7 heavies but when it comes to lower tiers, you can just pick them apart extremely fast. Your ammo capacity and reload time allow you to take risky shots , so do that, maybe RNG will be on your side.


Mobility - The mobility of this tank just shows off the flanker play style, with a top speed of 60km/h and a 20 Power ton ratio you can get into position and run away from tricky situations quickly. The only bad thing is the poor terrain resitance on soft terrain but thats on all tanks. To put this into perspective you are more mobile than the comet. You weigh 40 tons, and with that speed, you ram people , thats how I completed my medium tank ramming missions. Enjoy this while it lasts as in the next tier you won't be ramming so often.


Spotting - The view range on this vehicle is amazing. 380m base. Just as much as some tier 7 Lights, with situational awerness this jumps up to 410m. You can play the role of a scout in this tank however I feel quite neutral about it, your camo is good and you can outspot your enemies but you are just too big of a target.


So how do you play this tank? Lets use the map "Fisherman's Bay" as an example.

Here is my terrible StratSketch, so let me explain it.


North spawn - Use your speed to quickly get to E6 and use your DPM and viewrange to spot and take some shots onto heavies. Work your way into controlling the mid and then destroy the camping TD's on the 1 Line.

South spawn - Again use your speed to get to F6 and use your DPM to take shots to the passing heavies. Work your way into controlling the middle and then help your team win the West/East.


Use your mobility and DPM to flank people, use your team mates as distractions and in some situations don't be scared to take hits, you have a lot of hitpoints. If they can only see your turret, press r once and you are pre aimed and just fire and retreat or biat shots and then punish them with 2 shots in return.


I loved this tank, this tank is one of my highest stat tanks I have and this was really fun to play. It's everything I love, fast and mobile, punchy gun and semi reliable armour. Never let the enemy surround you, use your speed to your advantage. I definitely recommend this tank and give it a try.


Von_Sabot #2 Posted 18 June 2018 - 11:35 AM


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Thanks for the review. I have the 30.02D and also really like the play style of it. Great mobility with  ok gun and armor.

Snaques #3 Posted 18 June 2018 - 08:41 PM

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It's been a while since I played the 30.02, but I remember it was quite similar to the 30.01 which is one of my all time favorites. I've been planning on re-visiting it and probably have to do that sooner rather than later.


What comes to your review, it is very well structured and I do appreciate your reasoning. That being said, I would probably go a bit different route. I would definitely trade the repairs (or camo) for BiA as soon as I have ~2,5 skills on the crew, which one to drop is mostly up to your playstyle. I would also go with Rammer / VStab / Optics since as you said this tank is pretty capable as a spotter. This increases your effectiveness in bottom tier battles where the pen is just awful. Finally, I would load maybe 1/3 of ammo as gold, because again the pen sucks.


So yeah, nice review and nice tank, but I would do it a bit differently.

jeffrey_mk2 #4 Posted 27 June 2018 - 09:48 AM

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I liked the 3001D a lot but its bigger brother 3002D was for me a tank that could not pen a shot and missed a lot shots.

But I played it quite a long time ago , the 3002D was the only one I sold because it really didnt work for me....maybe if it gets a discount I try it again.


Oldewolfe #5 Posted 19 November 2018 - 09:20 PM


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30.02D for me was a Diaappointment too, especially after the 30.01D....      I even went back to my Tiger Grind and Suffered the IV H and 36.01 without even reconsidering the .02D.....    


I'll be remedying that soon though as I still need to finish the Leopard I Grind.....

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