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Greedy or not !?

coupons earn money WG politics

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Smoki_Bandit #1 Posted 05 June 2018 - 01:28 PM


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I got a coupon !!! jeeeah, i will now buy something a bit more favorable !!!


But noooo !?
I'm wrong !?
There is cacth !?

I ask the WG who lives out of our money and how much we buy, so it's not logical for someone to be so greedy that for something artificial value introduced limits to earn even more !?

In this case, I have a coupon that I will not use because all the tanks I would like to buy are either on the action or have special and with the 10% I can not buy them, 
the coupon period expires!?

I'm sure a lot of players think in this way!

Summary: I will not spend the coupon and will not buy any tank on the action.

Solution: The 10% coupon is a coupon of 10% regardless of what I buy because the WG 
in reality does not care how much this thing costs because it is not physically made but selling artificial value.
I get a coupon to go to the shop and buy anything for the reduced amount of the coupon and the WG gets, reduced by the amount of the coupon but the actual amount in € for that item.

A Better Solution:
I have collected two, three or more coupons, the WG allows me to buy a multiple discount item, I'm happy, I bought something, WG happy to get the money for her artificial value,
and can pay the salaries to employees!


Or it may remain like this, a small number of used coupons, small sales, the absence of the effects that coupons should bring about due to greed and restraints

"You could at least pretend to care for the user :)

Somnorila #2 Posted 05 June 2018 - 01:47 PM


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The coupons are marketing crap to make you spend, it's basically mind control, or better said emotional influence. You can resist as no one is forcing you but no on is stopping them to bombard you with many many tricks like this that take advantage of flaws in our brains. Basically it's not some kind of reward as you might intuitively comprehend but it's a nudge in the direction of giving them some money. Why do you think that the coupon limits are there for, to create urgency, to give it status and importance. I was watching a video the other day where a guy was expressing some of his rules to save money and one was to wait, to leave his shopping cart holding his desired items to sit like that for some days, don't remember the number. The idea was that if that item was still something that he really wanted and felt as worth it even after some time, only then he would buy it. But most of the times, specially online shopping where you can't see and feel the money in your hands, shopping is emotional according to spur of the moment decisions. Of course that a sane and healthy person would research abundantly before buying expensive stuff, but when it's about small expenses, around 10 dollars euros whatever, people tend to not be so attentive. And these are exactly the online gaming focus, small affordable expenses that gather up. Same expenses that if you delay for a few days might forget about or feel it's too much of a bother or simply you don't really need.

Smoki_Bandit #3 Posted 05 June 2018 - 09:17 PM


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I understand that, but do not understand why they put restrictions on coupon options!?

What's wrong with them, because this option does not cost them anything, sells a service, does not sell goods that have the costs of purchasing, distributing and selling the product itself !?
When looking at how many tanks they gift during the various action in the game, how much gold is allocated to the global map, why are there restrictions on using the coupon?

Why can not I buy gold in the amount of over € 30 so I get a 10% discount if use a coupon?

We do not receive coupons uncontrolled but in the system they control, and can give exact number of coupons they want, so I do not understand the intent of earning unscrupulous no matter what the benefit of the user and the final earnings of the WG that would follow.


I used a coupon some day before I bought type64. Now I do not have a tank to buy because everyone I want is special offer and can not use a coupon for their purchase.

BravelyRanAway #4 Posted 05 June 2018 - 09:42 PM


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Hold out for a 30% off coupon.....I get 30% ones all the time but haven't been interested in spending any cash at present.

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