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The new Province map

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Maaaaaad #1 Posted 05 June 2018 - 02:25 PM

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I used to love the old map back in the day, even with it's obvious flaws. It was enjoyable because as a new player, I found it taught me the rest of what I needed to know about spotting distance; Malinovka being the other part( Malinovka was available for all tiers originally ). The premium FCM and it's 400 metre view range or the long lost T18 ( the original TD) were masters of Province but the games often ended in a draw after a long drawn out stalemate or with a desperate climb of the opposite hill to get the last enemy before the time runs out. They were fun games though, even trying to drive the AMX38 straight across the valley was a challenge but it was an enjoyable task, especially if you made it up the hill the other side. I remember inching my way up seeming sheer cliffs to find a new route up to attack, that was also great fun ! I don't know why but the old Province had something special, you felt the game was on a tight rope from the off, in the same way that Ensk does today but province also had great cover, which made all the difference, it even had hidden pockets in the corners.


The new Province map is looking great overall.

 I was in the map today and had the idea to cover the whole valley floor in very dense forest with ruined buildings covered in dense plants also.  To give a living example, look at the valley in Sorrento in Italy, " Vallone des Mulini ". A wide version of this real valley in the Province valley map would disguise an attack across the valley floor. Have the whole valley a carpet of trees.The gameplay would have many more possibilities?  what do you think?


MY POINT- (for those lacking concentration and want the point without having to read the above text)

Please add FOREST to cover all of the valley floor of the new Province map.

I think it would improve the gameplay and attack possibilities thus making it a classic map once again. 


ThinGun #2 Posted 05 June 2018 - 02:28 PM

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I've had some great scraps on the new map.  I also loved the old one, where I actually learned to play TD.  This new one has the same name, but a totally different meta - now way are you going to win by lurking in one corner and sniping anyone who peeks round a rock - the map seems to reward aggressive play - at least the times I've played it, it has.  Crossing sides in a Borsig brings an extra 'brown pants' feeling to the gameplay.

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