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Arms Race - share your thoughts!

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Kandly #1 Posted 07 June 2018 - 12:30 PM


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The Arms Race event is nearing its end and we're sure you've had enough time to form an opinion on this event.


Please share your thoughts, particularly on the following subjects:

  • Rewards
  • Event design (length, rules, etc)
  • Tank bond auction
  • What could have been done better


We will be be back here collecting your opinions 1 week after the event is concluded. :)




sokolicc #2 Posted 11 June 2018 - 01:15 PM


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Length is quite good, no need for month+ of pain like in winter campaign. It's proper length considering frustration and time it takes. And people with regular jobs can participate without sacrificing private life for 30+ days. Just 15. ;)


Worst thing for me is lack of rewards, tanks and bonds.


121B - best of all three but people usually don't have crews for Chinese meds (me neither) so i would skip that one.


M60 - not much better than Patton after M48 got armor buff. But okay-ish. Maybe my first pick if i get time to play and stay in top 9000.


T26E5 or T25E6 or whatever - completely useless tank for me, not competent enough, worth for collectors only. I don't even know it's name. Saw it few times in random matches. Meh.


VK 72 is nice tank for some people but not my cup of tea, too slow, so i don't miss it in reward list now (although it should stay, definitelly).


907 - it's removed and i don't want to comentate. Idk, i have it and don't want to be hypocritical and tell it should be removed, blahblah, it's unique etc. 



Maybe putting more new tanks as reward would be better. And to keep 5 tanks as reward to leave choice for players, and in every campaigh remove 1 and add 1 unique and new to increase variety and rarity and attract more players and clans. Those are prestige tanks in first place, don't make them so common...

There's plenty of unreleased tier 10 tanks, maybe it's time to put new one (not 10 but only 1 unique, never-seen-before tank new for each campaign) to keep people more interested and reward list fresh.

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Nayonac #3 Posted 15 June 2018 - 02:31 PM


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Liked the 2 week format, that was nice,

Nice to get some bonds could of done with some more Bonds and maybe some extra rewards for people who didn't make the tank maybe some of those special equipment items which i see are rewards for the football?



Disliked the available tanks

268 v4 Spam was order of the day....

Bonds again for reward tanks... not much of a reward if you have to pay for it 



Capt1caveman #4 Posted 15 June 2018 - 03:04 PM


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Paying for tanks you worked two weeks for....... I dare ask: Russian reward?

DANGRY #5 Posted 15 June 2018 - 03:13 PM


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Having to pay for your reward seems counter productive

jake_teppis #6 Posted 18 June 2018 - 08:48 PM


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It would be nice if there were some sort of game mode to grind bonds if you didn't have enough to buy your reward. Something like tier 10 only battles. In random battles you get very few tier 10 only battles even if you have enabled grand battles what is a shame if want to grind the bonds to get your reward.
Edit: Right to buy the reward is not very good way to go if bottom of the tank reward roster aren't going to get enough bonds to buy it right away. Unless there is some sort of ranked or other type of gameplay event that will give you enough bonds get your reward before your right to buy expires after campaing or remove the whole expire date thing from your right to buy the tank.

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Milchika #7 Posted 20 June 2018 - 12:57 PM


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Erm... kinda baffled here...

The event ended, ok. Finished among 16k somewhat, got 250 bonds, but no summer digital camo? (My ranking earned both bonds and camo).

Any ideas?


StinkyStonky #8 Posted 20 June 2018 - 03:59 PM


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Thoughts in no particular order ...


  • 907 - Should be available.  Many tank winners will already have it so removing it from the prize pool mainly punishes newcomers to Clan Wars.
  • Tank Auction for players not in the top 9000. - Good idea.  Only 120 available so will have hardly any impact on those who previously won the tank(s).  Make sure you publish the minimum wining bid.  I suspect it will be very high.
  • Making players pay for their "Reward". - Bonds are just badly balanced.  A 907 (4k bonds previously) cost less than a vent system.  Ranked/FL gave away 1000s of bonds, a tier 10 game gives 5-15 bonds, a Kolobanovs gives 3 or 5 !!  If you want to encourage participation in Bond events, then Bonds should be the cheap way to buy the reward, but there should also be an option to pay with gold or silver.  If this sounds crappy it's because the reward being the "right to buy" is crappy.
  • A Time limit to "buy" the reward. - This is just BAD.  If you win the right to "buy a reward" that should be permanent, just like PRs and the discount on Swedish tanks.
  • Technical Victory - There are (at least 2 problems)
    • "Winners" should earn something.  Doesn't need to be huge but sitting around, waiting for the start should deliver something.
    • "Winners" shouldn't get shafted by being matched against the best clan in the next round.
  • 15 minute offset between 15 minute battles is just bad.  In the past we've missed a battle because it started 14:45 after the previous one which didn't end until the 15 minutes.  Doesn't happen very often but shouldn't ever happen.  Battles could be 14 minutes or starts could be delayed (if needed) by 60 seconds.
  • Lesser clans (like mine) get very little from CWs, other than the fun of playing.  How about some other rewards rather than just a badge, bonds and camo (and gold and a "right to buy" a tank for the top clans).
    • How about rewarding clans with Bonds as well as gold.
    • How about boxes as a reward
    • How about silver as a reward

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