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RR, ultimate skill evaluation for world of tanks

SKILL world of tanks statistics

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Cuck0osNest #1 Posted 10 June 2018 - 06:01 AM

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RR formula: RR=AVF+Skill1+Skill3+Skill4+Skill5


AVF - potential solo winrate. Main value of RR, just win more and do everything for victory. Winrate also serves here as indicator of aiming, focusing skills and righteousness of actions.  The only way to show your solo winrate is to never abuse receiving random awards from dynamic platoons. Trying to avoid getting random awards is against victory rules, so possibly it is only paddable in 3rd stage of battle when your team won 1st and 2nd stages. Ofcourse destroying to avoid award is not recommended anyway, benefit from spotting more, possible kamikaze rank and hog token is higher than one received platoon award. Possible, maximum and approximate values  ~  -20 to  20


Skill1  is higher if you winning and getting kamikaze ranks, if your winrate closer to 50% you have zero benefit from having much kamikaze ranks and more if close to 65% of potential solo. You must ram properly when needed to avoid arty and other shots for faster destroying and quicker hiding under cover after it, you must indicate your self as a long road driver by ramming arty and other afk tanks in the end of battle. Includes doing extra damage by ramming and other indications of rational actions experience when needed and destroying 1 tier tank higher in key situations. Best time for kamikaze ranks is 2nd stage of battle when you are directly participating in destroying tanks or 3rd victorious stage when you can just padd it. By ramming on 10 tier you get extra damage taken for getting hog token. Affection on skill5 value is increased for tier 10 due to no chance of getting kamikaze rank. So you can free experience tier 10 or grind it without, you dont have to care, your skill will be shown. By caring too much about getting it you caring less about victory, so better is to not care. Possible, maximum and approximate values  ~  -15 to 15


Skill3 is a comfort and effort balancer. If you dont spot - noone deals damage, nor you not your allies. Includes spotting tanks in opening, in 2nd stage of battle and moving to evemy arty positions in time. The closest way to guess if gold rounds and extra rations used is by checking average experience which depends of having premium account or not. 900 average experience with 60% winrate looks like premium account. 600 average experience and 60% looks like not having premium account.  Also is powercreep balancer, cos OP tanks just get more exp per battle.

It multiplies on skill2 which is spotting per battle dependant from tier of a tank played. This multiplication is balance, meaning more comforts you have, more tanks you are expected to spot per battle.  Possible, maximum and approximate values  ~  0 to 15


Skill4 is a powercreep balanser also. More overpowered tanks tend to have higher survival so a little more fine it will have in it. Also Surviving in lost battle means you could try harder for winning. Destroyed for ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶r̶y̶  victory is always best but not as much for RR value, so maybe increasing of affection is needed. Also it is a little indicator of improving over time and maintaining battle trance which is good for language of game while playing in platoon. So nothing to care or to pad here, this is just powercreep balanser. Possible, maximum and approximate values  ~  0 to 1


Skill5 is hand of god token amount per 100 victories. It is multiplied on skill3 for more balansed and adequate values of RR. To get it you must survive and win the battle, having received damage from at least four different enemy vehicles(only hits and ramming that caused damage are included).  

Along with kamikazi is one of most obvious indicators of participation, also is indicates conquering key positions, taking and moving between covers. Best indicator of how you use HP exchange for rationality. Best alternative for using damage done and frags per battle becouse not dependant of premium rounds. Players having much of those per victory are cool to play with as teammates. It indicates what player is fully realising tank possibilities and always there to save an ally. Tier 10 tanks tend to receive more hog tokens and it is good for RR calculation balanse. Possible, maximum and approximate values  ~  0 to 10


Light tanks get more spotting, little amount of hog tokens and decent amount of kami. Medium tanks get more kamikadze and hog tokens and decent spotting. Heavy tanks get much hog tokens, less kamikaze ranks and not much spotting. Tank destroyers receive less experience, dependant hog token amouts, dependant spotting and kamikazes. Here is example how balanced RR values for same player's TD and MT: 66 winrate jagdpanther2 has 20 RR and 57 winrate centurion1 has same 20RR.


Not a rating for arty due to lack of efforts required but still aimskills will be indicated by winrate. One of best arty only player has 8 RR compared to expected game mastery completion value of 15RR.


So after all, you dont have to care about anything but victory. Everything made for victory is game knowledge in RR calculations. Curently, RR calculation is focused for searching players with high end knowledge and skills. But still its calculations were improoving and been fixing over almost 2 years for players with 50+ winrate. RR is balanced, so 40% players get informative deserved values just according to their game knowledge level. 

Currently only in google spreadsheets with manual calculations(coma rule for digits, do not touch colored).

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View PostCuck0osNest, on 10 June 2018 - 05:01 AM, said:


Light tanks get more spotting, little hog and decent amount of kami. Medium tanks get more kamikadze and hog, decent spotting. Heavy tanks get much hog, less kami, not much spotting. Tank destroyers receive less experience, dependant hog token amouts, dependant spotting and 


If that hog comes in a bun with a dill pickle I'm all for it.

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