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Best way to improve vision on med and heavy

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TungstenHitman #21 Posted 19 June 2018 - 11:55 AM

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View Post_6i6_, on 17 June 2018 - 08:37 AM, said:

using rammer vents and gld on pz iv h with three skills though

only derp gun


This screenshot is a few weeks old I think and since then used that medium tank X2 weekend and some buffs to finish out the last part of the second skill and I'm now about 20-30% into the 3rd skill which is brilliant.



So, you can see my equipment layout and chosen skill set. With Situ I can see beyond the full 445 view range now with binocs which is excellent of course and gives this mostly supporting tank, which it is in most battles as bottom tier, a big edge when your top tier players are trash and die in seconds of battle lol... at least you can get a good position and see what's coming, then decide what you want to do about it lol. 

I would also accept the optics instead of a vent for when moving around but tbh, I will either play this tank in your face with it's derp shotgun so I don't really need much view range for the close quarters stuff, or I will snipe from a ranged concealed position perma-tracking and pounding away on top tier heavies etc, all good, all very effective. Since then, I have added even more view range by selecting recon skill on commander and I chose off road driving too just to make the tank more nimble. Really nice to play now..


Here's a fun little battle with it from yesterday to get that X3 win. 5 vs 1, as easy a 5 vs 1 as it gets and I had battered many of those targets earlier in the battle so could reap the work done earlier and it made the job a lot easier along with using the bush mechanics to good effect or else I would get spotted and killed because 5 guns shooting 1 gun always wins anyway... view range and exploiting bush mechanics wins close battles a lot.




Edit- Also you will notice another very important ingredient in my crew skill and tank setup, CAMO. The rating on the PZ4 is very good and so exploit what a tank has, always. So, seeing far is great, very very important, but make it a 2 edge sword by not making your tank easy to see also, the combination makes is very potent, for any tank that has the ability.



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_6i6_ #22 Posted 19 June 2018 - 05:24 PM

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i will try the combination for sure :)))

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