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New Game-mode idea

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JTshooter #1 Posted 12 June 2018 - 03:29 PM


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Hey guys,

I don't know how it is in your countries, but in Germany is american football getting a bigger thing every year. Maybe for the next Superbowl WG could publish a new game mode dedicated to this.

I have a few ideas how it could look like and maybe you guys have any ideas to improve it or somebody from WG reads this and can say if it would be possible to produce.


My idea would be a 7v7 game so you don't have too many players on the field and you can still have the most important positions covered.


1    Quarterbacks (arty)

0-1 Runningbacks (mediums)

2-4 Offensiveline tanks (heavys)

1-3 Widereceiver (lights)


3-4 Deffensiveline tanks (heavys)

3-4 Cornerbacks/ Saftys (lights)


My idea is at first when you load into the game you have to pick acording to what you are playing first (attack/defense) like the recently frontline mode and then it starts. The receivers and the runningback could have consumables to call the route they want to take and have about 10 seconds to do so. In addition to that I would give the arty a consumable to start the play. If the arty uses this it would run down a timer of 3 seconds and then the play starts.

The arty can now deceide if he wants to shot on a receiver and pass the ball with it (only direct hits or splash "damage" count as complete pass) or if wants to use a second consumable when the runningback is nearby and give him the ball for a running play.

The play is over if the team scores or the carrier of the ball gets tackled by ramming (lights need to be rammed once and mediums 2-3 times).

If  attack and defense switch due to the one team scoring or not beeing able to progress for something like 50 yards in 3 attempts the players will be send to the tank choosing screen (like frontline when you died) and everybody has to choose his tank now for the next attack/defense.


Looking at the upcoming football event from WG it might be possible for them to make this american football mode, but what do you guys think? Do you like the idea? Do you have any ideas to improve this? Or do you think this sounds like total bullsh*t?

Jigabachi #2 Posted 12 June 2018 - 03:52 PM

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That's WAY too complucated - and not only because I have no clue about that eggball game.

BravelyRanAway #3 Posted 12 June 2018 - 04:12 PM

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Be great......we can have one hour of play stretched to fours hours because of breaks for commercials.:trollface:

Gremlin182 #4 Posted 12 June 2018 - 04:47 PM


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WOT Cricket would be better.


11 a side but one team only gets to use 2 players the rest just watch.

The other side can use all 11 players but only one can shoot, he gets to fire six shots if he gets a kill the other team brings out another tank.

After 6 shots someone else gets to shoot.


Game duration 7 hours

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