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Football Mode and E100 - Performance tips

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Wallace_P_Games #1 Posted 14 June 2018 - 07:14 PM


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How many E100 players just shoot the ball for the sake of it?


My opinion on how to play the E100 is to track the enemy's constantly whilst the ball is in the other half and turn your hull side on.


Video to show you what I mean:





Homer_J #2 Posted 14 June 2018 - 07:21 PM

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Tracking enemies is fairly pointless.  You have the only gun which can really give the ball any momentum.  It's your job to hoof it back down their end every time it looks like it's coming your way.

zero_fox_given #3 Posted 14 June 2018 - 07:22 PM


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View PostWallace_P_Games, on 14 June 2018 - 07:14 PM, said:

How many E100 players just shoot the ball for the sake of it?


My opinion on how to play the E100 is to track the enemy's constantly whilst the ball is in the other half and turn your hull side on.


Video to show you what I mean:




i think you got it wrong.

when you track them on their side they still can shoot and push ball towards you.

its better to track them on your side when ball is on the way to their goal. that way they cant do anything just shoot which would never go your way.


also your splash is more potent than others so its waste of just spamming enemy. you can just hit walls when the balls is jumping and have monopoly for the ball in the air due to splash



just noticed 1000 waiting player for each class....damned premium MM tanks screwing the MM once again

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Negativvv #4 Posted 14 June 2018 - 07:34 PM

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Better off shooting the ball as tracking repairs so fast. A good or lucky E100 shot might splash it across the goalmouth then someone else can convert.


I know the mode is nothing like real football but not knocking the ball across your goal and doing it to them seems to work like the real thing...

Baldrickk #5 Posted 15 June 2018 - 03:03 AM

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View PostBaldrickk, on 15 June 2018 - 02:48 AM, said:

Ok, I've had time to play it now, so...  Time for:


OK, I spent way too long making that...

Ok, initial thoughts, before playing it at all:

  1. It's going to be terrible
  2. The ball is going to have a glitchy hitbox again
  3. The ball is going to spend so much time off the ground that it's going to be about who can snipe the sky better again.
  4. It's going to get stuck in the corner again all the time
  5. People are going to just be going ham after the ball all the time
  6. People are going to troll by just shooting you over and over again
  7. People are going to throw credits at their tanks to make them better, so some players get an advantage.  If you don't you are more likely to lose
  8. People are going to just go AFK and wait for their team to win like they did last time.


So, to start off... urgh.  I don't really want to play this mode.


But I will try.


Because a 2 skill commander is worth the pain.  I have many tanks who need a half decent one, and he is good enough.


So, to address the things in the list above:

  1. Well, this is going to be the sum of everything else in this review, so read on.
  2. It does.  But it is better. It's nothing like it was last time, so - yay!
  3. The ball is more affected by gravity, it has Mass!
    1. the downside here is that you really need to shoot it to get it moving, dribbling is basically dead
      1. This might be a good thing, as - well, read point 5
  4. It still does.
    1. How to fix:
      1. The corners need to be larger (not as tight) so there isn't really a corner to get stuck in
      2. Alternatively, the ground in the corner needs to be sloped slightly, so it can't get stuck there
      3. The whole corner could be made more of a bowl shape, to accomplish both of the above.
    2. But it isn't all bad, two of the tanks are actually quite good at digging it out
  5. They are not this time!
    1. The different roles that the tanks have actually encorage players to play differently!
    2. Tanks have different speeds which means that they're not always fighting everyone else when moving
  6. Yes, they do this still
    1. but it doesn't matter as much this time (not that it did too much before - I abused the hell out of the passive effect of toolbox and prem repair kit (never manually activated))
    2. So far, it's been because I've been doing good, and they think it might help their team.  It doesn't help that much :P
  7. No equipment allowed, no skills allowed, no consumables
    1. Fantastic! level playing field without having to shell out for everything like a try-hard
  8. Not so far, and with the different roles, I don't think if they do, they will win much, making it not very effective, but time will tell.


Wow!   That's actually quite positive!   What's going on ?


Well, a lot of it comes down to two changes - performance, and tanks.  The arena(s) are the same terrible things as last time.


Performance - Actually being able to shoot the ball :great: It makes a world (cup) of a difference! :facepalm:

Different Tanks - Well, lets look at this one in some more detail, shall we?


Defender - E100:

  • Cons:
    • Big and slow, stuck in the goal
      • Actually, not that big of a problem, someone needs to fill that role after all.
      • Not really fast enough to defend without its gun though - a slight increase in speed would make a big difference
    • No real impact with the ball & bad shape.
      • You would expect the biggest, heaviest tank to actually do something when you ram the ball - or have it hit you, instead, the ball just kinda stops, or rolls over you - try not to be front on to it or it can ramp over you.
  • Meh's:
    • You are somewhat reliant on your team to actually score goals (though you can score with it) and to not play the ball into the middle so the enemy can run it right down the middle of the pitch.
  • Pros:
    • The gun.
      • The slower reload means you can't kick it off at the start, but that's not a big problem.  It reloads fast enough most of the time (and this is probably a good thing that it doesn't fire faster, or goals could be very hard to score against it
      • High explosive
        • Don't bother shooting the opposition tanks - your reload is too small, and blowing the tracks off is not worth it.  If they are by the ball when you fire, by all means incapacitate them at the same time though.
        • Gets the ball moving the best - seriously
        • Splash damage without hitting the ball
          • This is the biggie.  I found it usually more effective to strategicly miss the ball, unless clearing it from the goal.
          • When by a wall, you can splash off the wall (or the floor) to send the ball rolling.  This allows you to get it away from the wall (or out of corners!) when shooting the ball directly will only drive it into the corner further.
          • I've scored from right in the corner this way, with a single shot.  When you don't get that lucky, you can at least get it moving towards the enemy goal for your allies to hopefully score.
          • This also reduces the need to hit so accurately, so long range shots are easier to pull off well.  Good for a tank at the back.
  • Verdict:
    • Most team dependant, but with a good team, you can really make a massive difference in the support role - oh, and in keeping your goal clear too, I suppose.


Midfield - T62a:

  • Cons:
    • Can't really dribble with the ball any more
      • you can do it, but you can't really get much speed up that way
  • Meh's:
    • It's the allrounder.  The old "master of none" schtick.
  • Pros:
    • Fastest single shot reload.  You almost always have a shot ready when you need one, unlike the E-100 with the longer reload, or the AMX when it runs out of clip.
    • Kick-off King - you are the one who gets the ball rolling, literally! 
      • You're the first loaded of the three, so the first shot is on you
      • You are racing the other T62a for the first shot, so race him!  Drive right at the ball to close the distance and let your shot hit first
      • Aim slightly to the side and near the bottom of the ball for the first shot - it moves the ball to make it harder for the T62a to shoot, makes him shoot the bottom more as you bounce it so his shot moves it sideways less, bounces it over him if possible, and puts it more on a course for the goal than the corner
    • Boost is good
      • Gets you up to speed fast, can be used for attacking or defense.  I recommend saving it for defense though - you can always shoot the ball from behind when attacking, you can't do the same if you are behind it when they are attacking - you need to get in there and around it. keep it ready.
    • Gun is good enough to chip the ball over the Defender
  • Verdict:
    • See Meh's.  It's the same tank you are used to for football (+ boost).  Does what you need it to.  Probably the least effective overall, but less team dependant than the E-100, so it kinda balances out.


Striker - AMX:

  • Cons:
    • Clip reload?
      • But that comes with the advantage of the clip in the first place, so...
  • Meh's:
    • Kinda vulnerable to the HE to track you (less track HP)
    • Can flip itself if not careful
    • Can get spun round easilly
    • Your individual shells don't do much. 
  • Pros:
    • Fast
      • well it is a light tank - it's about as fast as a boosting T-62a
      • the clip
      • the clip
      • the clip
      • the extra shells in the clip
      • Yeah, the clip, what to say about the clip... 
        • Your individual shells don't do much. 
          • But you have 6...
          • That's enough to send the ball right up to the other end of the pitch, dig it out of the corner, or guide it round the defender into the goal.
          • They are also good enough to make the enemy miss their shots, so you keep control
          • The special ability gives you an extra 30% to your clip size, and reloads fast enough to be active every other clip (or even the next clip, if you have to get back and defend)
            • This gives you even more control
        • This does mean you need to be accurate though, so if you're not good at getting multiple shots on target, maybe this isn't the tank for you
  • Verdict:
    • IMHO, the best tank of the three.


Overall verdict:


All the tanks have their advantages, the performance is better than last time, the ball doesn't get caught in the corner so much thanks to the ability of the light to get in there or the E-100 to blow the corner out of it.


It actually gets a thumbs up from me.  I think I'll be able to play this without despairing.  My only problem is that I'm going away on holiday, and I don't know if I'll be able to find enough days to play (can't while away) to get all the badges needed for the commander.


You make money from playing it, but not a lot.  Good enough to not turn people away (too much) but not enough to make people afk it. yay!


I think it's a lot better.


Wallace_P_Games #6 Posted 15 June 2018 - 11:22 AM


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Thanks for the feedback guys. I was getting annoyed by the E100 on my team shooting the ball when I was perfectly positioned to hit it towards goal and felt they where more of a hindrance than a team mate.

Sunshinetrooper #7 Posted 20 June 2018 - 07:17 AM


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In my experience, there is is very little communication and people just fire a shot when reloaded, with that in mind, I adjust my gameplay to take advantage. If you are a midfielder and defending, wait until your goalie fires a shot, then you fire a shot, hopefully the striker will shoot after. By doing this, you are at least reducing the amount of spam shots on the ball.


General tips I've found useful as midfielder:


1. Stay around the midline (controversial), there is no point having two friendly tanks in the enemies corner as its easy enough for the goalie to knock it to the halfway line.

2. Stay off-centre and have your tank facing towards one of your corners

3. If the ball comes to your half, you can use your speed boost to get between the goal and corner and deflect shots as they come across.

4. Time your shots with the goalie, when they fire, you should fire after the ball comes down

5. You don't need to hit the ball directly, there is splash, tho not as good as the Defenders. 

Solstad1069 #8 Posted 20 June 2018 - 07:42 AM

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Tip playing the E100


Make sure you hit the ball if it gets near your goal. Wait if needed. So many times i made bad shots and with the reload time the enemy scores.

vixu #9 Posted 20 June 2018 - 01:32 PM

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btw, how to use special ability on e100?

Balc0ra #10 Posted 20 June 2018 - 01:49 PM

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As I mainly play the E100, tracking is mostly pointless on the other side, as they can still use their gun to push the ball away. Tracking the other E100 in the goal to prevent him from moving forward and blocking, sure. But the T62 and AMX? I found it not working as well as I want it to work, vs just splashing the ball sending it flying over them, or just smacking it so it goes flying away from that group. 


I track them on my side to prevent them from getting the right angle on the ball if both of my teammates are there. If I'm alone, I'll splash the ball over then instead. And then you usually track them at the same time. Win/win. 

pucku #11 Posted 20 June 2018 - 03:12 PM


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I tried shooting the ball when it crossed in front of the other teams goal. I missed. But it seemed like the explosion at the back of their goal caused the ball to get pushed away from the goal. Anyone else noticed this?

vixu #12 Posted 20 June 2018 - 06:34 PM

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View Postpucku, on 20 June 2018 - 03:12 PM, said:

I tried shooting the ball when it crossed in front of the other teams goal. I missed. But it seemed like the explosion at the back of their goal caused the ball to get pushed away from the goal. Anyone else noticed this?


you shoot HE. Ball is getting hit by the shock wave. You can use it to make the ball bounce in different direction by shooting the wall near it, take it airborn by shooting under it.

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