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Why not make the football pitches as optional battle maps

Total footboom

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anonym_VJVVUp5heVv5 #1 Posted 15 June 2018 - 12:21 PM

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After A bit of a sabbatical from Tanks, Playing Fart cry 5 (which I highly un-recommend, as the game is trash) The discontinued has now recontinued.

Last night whilst whiling away the small hours I had an idea, I know these things are dangerous. alcohol had a part to play in my high concept idea for tanks

Why not make the football pitches as optional battle maps,

Just imagine a 15v15 or even better 30v30 or 60 v 60 on such a small map. There would be no cover apart from the corpses of allies and foes to hide behind.

It would be a time for the heavy tanks to graciously give up their lives in a blaze of glory ala guns and roses, in order to create cover for their team mates. Imagine a TOG3 sideways across the pitch, with a great piece of cover that would provide.  Who else thinks this is a good idea.


Also making it gold ammo only seems like an incredibly good idea to me as well.

chillsnotskills #2 Posted 15 June 2018 - 12:37 PM


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Keep drinking buddy

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