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Obj 430 II, how do you play this?

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Draqutsc #1 Posted 15 June 2018 - 06:28 PM


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So recently this tank got nerfed real hard, lost all of its armor and gained 40mm base pen.

Wargaming wanted this tank to snipe, but it can't snipe, the gun handling is good enough for close till mid range. Any further than that and you will miss half your shots. And you will be firing heat against anything with armor since you can't hit weakspots.


The tanks mobility didn't get improved so its still a slow medium. But now it's supposed to be a td hybrid.

So how do you play this thing, because sniping does not work, my best games are still when i am in close combat and side scraping. the only problem is that the turret has become an auto pen for any tier 8 and above.


Playing this thing as a td is like giving your team a penalty, your team loses a tier 9 medium and gains a tier 8 td. The obj 416 was great at being a td because of its camo, but the obj 430 II does not have that camo so it gets spot faster and with no armor, you are pretty much death when spotted. And your team mates really hate you when you play the obj430 II as a td



Side scraping is still the way to go, you just need to bait your enemy's and now you can snap shot faster up close, do not snipe, this is still a brawler

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TiMeK1ll3r #2 Posted 16 June 2018 - 01:52 PM


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Well, i have obj 430 II, and to answer your question on how i do play it, well....i don't play it anymore.

I'm waiting until it gets buffed or changed, and even if it takes a year it's a price i'm willing to pay.

Playing this tank either sniper or brawler mode is impossible in most cases since at tier 9, as you said, enemies have too much armor and you are forced to spam premium rounds, with no guarantee to hit.


Just wait, they will see that they did something wrong with this line and they will change it, but as we all know it might take some time.

Hell if i worked there i would improve so many things like this one, everyone would love me, but well, if you see the game improving drastically it's because they hired me, be aware lol

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