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More bonds per battle

Bonds more

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Poll: Bonds (13 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 250 battles in order to participate this poll.

Increase bonds per battle?

  1. Yes! (5 votes [38.46%])

    Percentage of vote: 38.46%

  2. Yes, but not by much. (3 votes [23.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 23.08%

  3. Maybe. (1 vote [7.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.69%

  4. No. (4 votes [30.77%])

    Percentage of vote: 30.77%

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GameOfTanks123 #1 Posted 19 June 2018 - 04:43 PM


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It is so disappointing with the curret state of grand battles, nobody has the gamemode on. Most of the time you just play regular tier 10 battles to get the most bonds.

The amount of bonds per battle really bad. (In my opinion) Bonds you get from tier 10 battles should increase.


I wanna know if many of you feel the same or not. Please vote in the poll what you think.


(Remember, this is just what I think)


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Nayonac #2 Posted 19 June 2018 - 04:46 PM


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I would say the amount of bonds is fine, because i can grind for equipment and get it in a few months, make it too easy and whats the point... Now the requirements for Bonds on a reward tank is totally stupid, people who buy tanks will also buy bonds by having people grind them so basically a pointless thing to stop people buying reward tanks.

Enforcer1975 #3 Posted 19 June 2018 - 04:48 PM

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Some achievements should give more bonds in the mid tiers since it's way harder to get a good game when mid to low tier. Can't understand why a tier 10 can get a lot of bonds when it pwns bottom tiers in a 3-5-7. 

Edited by Enforcer1975, 19 June 2018 - 04:49 PM.

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