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30 games top of the tree dpg contest

tournament contest

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Vergeltungswaffe_2 #1 Posted 24 June 2018 - 10:16 AM

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hello party people, i am going to create a tournament where you can win some stuff to provide some motivation for world of tanks.


why am i doing this:

in general i support some twitch wot streamers for their work for the community, neverheless i thought it would be also nice to create some alternative content for world of tanks.



the first contest will be done in the tier10 british heavy tank,the super conqueror.


the players with the highest damage per game will get rewarded


Onto the rules: 

  • Highest average DPG wins. 2nd place DPG is 2nd place and so on. 
  • 30 games. You'll have to post a screenshot of your current stats of the tank. Once I've inspected it and given you the clear then, and only then, are you allowed to start competing. This is to prevent people from cherrypicking a good starting session, so it'll be as fair as possible for everyone. Basically the time between the screenshot and me inspecting it is a time where you're not allowed to play the tank if you want to partake in the competition.
  • All games must be played 100% solo. Absolutely no platoonmates within the session or your entire submission is forfeited. 
  • Only AP/HE loadout. You aren´t allowed to shoot gold. Only small repkit, only small medkit and automatic fire extinguisher.
  • No Improved Equipments or Directives. This is to ensure as less pay2win as possible
  • Once you are finished, upload all your replays to a filehost (like dropbox) with a link and a printscreen of your tank statistics in this thread. I will do the math if you aren't sure how much DPG you ended up in. The tank battle count needs to be exactly 30 battles more than your entry, otherwise a forfeit. I will check all the replays of the said winners to ensure no foul play has been done. 


battle format are your personal choise, the rules do not impact that. it is allowed to only play standard battles, if that fits your most likely gameplay.


1st place will win 750 gold

2nd place will win 500 gold

3rd place will win 250 gold


participations in the price pool are possible if somebody has money which he doesn´t need :)


the contest ends at 01.07.2018 0:00 german time.

you can start you battles as soon as you send a screenshot of your current stats and i give my ok to you.


i will check every day for players who wants to start in the contest at probably 10:00 german time.


@mods: i wasn´t able to create a new topic in the tournament sections so please feel free to move the thread to there.


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