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SYNDT is Back ! SYNDT looking for new High Skilled Player

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Eldorra #1 Posted 28 June 2018 - 02:16 PM


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Hi SYNDT is Back!!! we are looking for High Skilled players for our Clan .We play Stronghold/CW etc. and we want to have a avg wn8 from 2.350  if you intressed write me.  LG


What you Need

2350 + 3000 Recent Wn8
5 CW-fähige Tanks
Ø Dmg/3000 - HeavyTank Tier X
Ø Dmg/2800 - MediumTank Tier X
Ø Dmg/2500 - Arty Tier X
Ø Dmg/2900 - TankDestroyer Tier X


We offer

-Successful Clanwars and Campaigns
-Several daily boosters
-Daily CWS, Advance , Stronghold

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