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Obj 430 and WZ 120

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Silent__Death #1 Posted 05 July 2018 - 02:02 PM


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So let's get started, I have both of these tanks and I finished WZ 120 and unlocked 121 but I really hate to play tier 10 right with the mm screwed up so badly. I have played 46 games on 430.


So these are my questions,

Why does 430 have 220 more DPM while both having 122mm guns ( I know wz 120 do 50 more alpha with a shot)?

Why does 430 have 2.4 base aim time while wz 120 having 3.26 ? and better gun handling and 2° more gun depression ?

Why does 430 have more health and better armor ? Even though the object have worst power to weight terrain resistances are better so almost the same mobility?

https://tanks.gg/compare/wz-120?t=obj-430 link to see the differences between these 2.


I'm asking these because I really like WZ  before they released better version in russian tech tree,obj 430, wz feels really bad. Anyone else thinks wz 120 need improvements to make it bit more par with object or do you think they need to nerf the object? I would like to know your opinion on this. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks like this and overthinking ?

Flavortown #2 Posted 05 July 2018 - 02:15 PM

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340 heat vs 270 apcr.
Latter one is more or less useless against super heavies.


Also 121 is way better than 120 tier for tier, so just start playing that instead

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