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Bl1nd_Dragons are now recruiting!

Recruiting Clan

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M0nk3yhump2 #1 Posted 10 July 2018 - 09:27 PM


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Clan Bl1nd_Dragons are now Officially recruiting!


We are looking for English speaking players with a good sense for the game and are willing to perform clan skirmishes on a nightly basis. 

As Commander with experience in previous clans i became increasingly frustrated with the amount of players joining the clan yet not showing up to clan actions. For this reason i will be very strict to those who join, and expect player to turn up more often than not. Failure to do so will result in warnings and eventual kicking. To this degree players looking for a clan can rest assure that clan actions will take place daily and the majority of players will be active. 

As for actual skill, 5.5k pr is preferred with 1.4k+ wn8. (I care more about avg dmg in tanks as i know how premium time ruins stats)

The clan will focus more on tier 8 skirmishes and strongholds, as most players will be given plenty of time to acquire the appropriate tier 10 vehicles. 

As for vehicles, I expect every member to have at least 2 tier 8 vehicles. This is due to tanks becoming locked during campaigns, therefore making some players useless once they lose their only tank. As for tier 10s, I do not care at this current time, however I do expect most players to obviously be grinding towards a useful cw tier 10.



- 1.4k+ wn8

- At least 2 tier 8 vehicles

- Teamspeak 3 and preferably a working mic


- Clan actions will be available most days

- Campaign will be played at tier 8 until further notice


Thanks for taking the time to read!

If you have any questions pm me in game or hop on our teamspeak 3 server: fr01.gameservers.com:9131


         Bl1nd_Dragons Commander,


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