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CPTHOWIE #1 Posted 20 July 2018 - 03:00 PM


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Hope that i have posted this in the correct forum

I would like to say


For myself and others that have been playing this game from the start, i gather at some point, have acquired a premium tank or two.
But the point of this letter is to draw your attention to these premium tanks.
Take the Type 59, How many remember how savage it used to be when it was released, But today after several nerfs, is it still the same,are you still getting the same game play experience ? is it worth the money you spent on it ?

As you may or not be aware that over time, New standard vehicles have been introduced to the game and the premium tanks that you previously purchased are no longer viable in a battle. Where at the time of purchase they were. 

World of tanks do not seem to have taken this into account, that with each update and introduction to new vehicles nothing has been done to compensate the premium vehicles to balance up with the rest


So what do you do with them ? SELL THEM ????

(Of course World of tanks would love you to do this as they make more coin from you).

I recently noticed that all these previous premium vehicles are all superceded with much higher powered greater armoured vehicles (Even in the same tier) so buying a premium ONLY awards you more credits and crew benefits. The actual premium tank or Matchmaking is not taken into consideration by World of tanks.

So do you still want to buy a premium tank ?

So what do you think WOT should do ? Re-adjust the tier that these premium vehicles battle in, Buff them all to contend with higher tiers ? Or make them tier preferential ?

But to say the very least, i am very dubious into buying anymore premium tanks until they give fair play to its place in the matchmaking


wobblybob #2 Posted 20 July 2018 - 03:31 PM

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Welcome back. How was Mars?

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HaxPayne #3 Posted 15 August 2018 - 03:41 PM


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In much the same vein, I notice today that the Grosstraktor is being given away for free with 30 days of premium for 10ish euros.


I purchased this tank a few years ago as part of a larger package. Since then I have only seen it available as part of an expensive package, like the BTSV. I was under the impression that this was a special rarely available tank. I have loved my Grosstraktor, I loved playing it. It felt special, and felt like it had a unique set of attributes.


Many years later I have found that it is very difficult to play after subsequent patches. Firstly the tank itself feels a little different, not sure if it has been altered or if it is my imagination. Secondly many new tanks have been released or changed to make playing it a totally different prospect. PZ1Cs zip around killing it in one clip from across the map. BT7as have been given away for free and are essentially the same tank as the GT with minor differences.


I am aware that my tears might be answered with the fact that this is a free to play, not pay to win game and my money should not buy anything extra that a non paying player does not have access to, but to me it is a little more than that. I dug deep for what I thought was something special, not overpowered necessarily though its stats were pleasing. I was emotionally invested in it, which really is the only value of a virtual good. Since then, what was special about its attributes are now being given away as free tanks, and detracted from by other freely available tanks. Further to the attributes becoming less special, today even the tank itself has become less special as it is just being given away for free as an incentive to purchase a month of premium time.


Don't get me wrong, I would like for everyone to be able to afford and taste something exclusive, but my point is that it seems to lack continuity, and seems counter-intuitive that you expect a player to pay a premium for some pixels that you expect them to regard as premium pixels, then a few years later strip away each and every reason that those pixels should be considered premium. It doesn't really inspire confidence in the product that would make someone go on to buy more products in the future. No doubt I will (but in future, rather than pay for 80 euros of goods as an incentive to purchase a rare tank, I will wait for WG to offer that rare tank for 8 euros as an incentive to buy 8 euros worth of goods.) but I would be interested to hear how this works as a business strategy. Is this good business? Comments please.

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