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Color managment in full screen mode, ICC profile doesn't work

wrong gamma full screen mode colors ICC not working

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_Pneuma_ #1 Posted 23 July 2018 - 04:59 AM


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I have a question since I struggle with WoT to look "normal" after 1.0 patch. Will you enable to pass ICC profile to work with full screen mode in WoT? Also gamma same like in Windows would be great same like it was before. I contact the support to try solve that topic but there is nothing which can be done without enabling this from developer point of view. To clarify this topic and check by yourself about what I'm writing about try to use windowed mode (doesn't matter border or borderless) and switch to full screen. Colors are simply burning the eyes, gamma is terrible and unable to adjust good enough to get "normal" looking game. Most of the people which I asked had the same problem. It's really annoying since in full screen mode is more fps and feeling of the game is more "smooth", when I stream WoT I need to use windowed borderless mode all the time because of the colors. Are you gonna change this in the future?

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