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Suggestions for a better game

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Bannord #1 Posted 25 July 2018 - 02:54 PM


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Hi guys! I don´t know if this is the place for this topic or thread but I hope it´s ok. I´ve got two suggestions that might improve the experience of the game.

No 1:

Make a possibility to choose what maps you want to play, or checkboxes to what maps you don´t want to play.


No 2:

After the battle, when the victory or defeatsign comes up, light up every surviving tank. I know when we are capping to a win with only one or two enemies left and we´ve been chasing them all over, it would be fun to see where they hide…



DarkPacifist #2 Posted 25 July 2018 - 03:23 PM


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Your second suggestion could be good in my opinion but also very frustrating when the timer goes to 0 for a draw and you see that the last ennemy remaining (let's say an e25 for example) is just in one of the bushes next to you, unspottable ^^

Marybanks #3 Posted 03 August 2018 - 07:21 PM


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It is already so, that the survived tanks are sort of highlighted more than the destroyed ones. In a vanilla version of the game, all destroyed tanks on your result-screen, is sort of red-faded. That's the same in both victory, defeats and draws.
What challenge is it, if you can choose your maps? What do you learn then about the tank and how to use it in less prefered maps? 
Do you think the private crewmembers in the tanks we now play pixel-versions of in the game, could choose where they wanted to go?

henerum #4 Posted 26 September 2018 - 05:25 PM


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ARTY CHANGES I WOULD IMPLEMENT and how to make arty a true support class

Remove stun or nerf it to max 8 sec for tier X, Nerf range to 300m making arty more dynamic and less camping, forceing artilery to move in order to get shot on someone, nerf the gun arck a bit so that the arty is forced to hunt for new angles to be able to shoot at someone... Nerf HE splash. MOST IMPORTANTLY punish arty for stuning teamm8 and dealing damage or killing, give arty more hp and give players special reward for killing one (more xp), To punish arty for camping in one place the whole game implement feature for AW, for example arty shoots 1st time from 1 spot and doesnt move, 2nd time arty shoots from same spot (for example A1) map square gets lit and informs enemy artilery that our artilery is located there, arty shoots 3rd time from same place the square becomes 50% smaller, arty shoots again the 4th time and gets lit (spotted) for 20 sec giving enemy arty a chance to take it! give arty better manoverability to atleast be able to fight a 1v1 and Buff the view range... To make arty gameplay mor versatile invent phosphorus shells to make it able to keep enemyes spotted for 10 more sec getting more asistance damage wile also dealing minor damage for next 5 sec depending ona the place where the shell hit the tank... Also give arty a limited 4x normal aiming mode to comfortably be able to protect it self in cqc.

To punish those that drown their selves as one of the last alive the player gets banned for 2hrs and gets colored RED instead of blue and add a big letter PD over the tank they play for next 20 games (PD stands for purposely drowned ) to shame them... This doesnt aply if they were one of the last alive and they were pushed mby a friendly or the enemy into the water!

Also maybe add the option for arty to surrender but it will cost them 100k credits and will color them white with a big letter S over the tank they play for next 20 games (S stands for surendered) also to shame for coward actions!

Thx for reading and i hope you like my ideas! <3

reklakazala #5 Posted 09 October 2018 - 10:05 AM

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You can discus all that you want

But simple solution is this

Tank is already invented,at tank design thousands experts have worked 2.3 even more years,

Instead WOT invent new tanks they must only implement in game what already exist

arty cant damage tanks ,tanks are invented to sustain and endure fragments of shells,That was their purpose.( yes sorry WOT but you fucked up from begining)

Nations?italian tanks? wtf.Spain have tanks, netherland have tanks. german leopard.Does that mean that they are german  armor forces.instaed of that entroduce units under national flags.

for example israeli-arab conflicts .you can have more maps for this and campaign also

here is example how WOT in order to improove something make things worst.lets take tiger2 and t54/%% for example

overall t54/55 is better design, lower profile, and more important better armed.front armor of soviet tank is inLOS 210-240 mm gun is capable to defeat 210 mm of verical armor at 1000 m.it have better fire control sys.

german tank is ww2 design and it lack modern ammo ( subcaliber rounds , HEAT rounds )

so what WOT did is simple.

tiger2 ;give info of maximum penetration at 100m as minimum value of this tank

t54 give info about minimum armor penetration as maximum at 100m

armor of round turret of is highley likley to deflect shot

square armor of tiger 2 is not

so we are talkimg about chanses.one one side small (2,4 m heigh 36 tons )) fast,heavily armored heavily armed tank against enormous size ( 3.2 m ,, 65 tons) vehicle.outcome: t 54 dont have chanse .this is what we call balance of game( i have mention here t54 same thing is m46 patton)

this morning i have played with t-10 against pershing

i hit pershing some 10-12 times in front,in hull in lower plate in turret in gun mantlet.not single shot penetrated.

we are talking about 122 mm gun wich round is capable to blast turret from its ring.


answer is simple.that pershing is premium tier and t-10 is not

also to mention older tanks can destroy even modern tanks like t-90 or abrams

if they manage to score hit.but modern tank will detect him sooner and open fire at longer range.

what scanse have is3 against e25 or amx with magazine

you must hit 3 times something what is invisible .there is no flash from gun when it fire, its thin armor sudstain impact of something 25 kg heavy travelling 800-1000 m/s

So , tank is tool like any else ,like saw or hammer.its not some starship.every tank have week spot ( rear end, tracks)


Sestican #6 Posted 10 February 2019 - 01:56 PM


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who do i need to contact about the matchmaking? what is the E-mail adress

Jigabachi #7 Posted 11 February 2019 - 12:02 AM

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View PostSestican, on 10 February 2019 - 01:56 PM, said:

who do i need to contact about the matchmaking? what is the E-mail adress

Try the player support, but please don't bombard them with some random nonsense. They can't change the MM for you.

kamildalby1 #8 Posted 24 June 2019 - 05:59 PM


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I think Wargaming should add like a loan tank.

Where you and your friends or family could loan a tank for a certain amount of time. It could be a premium or one that you earned

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