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How2 create own mod: thinner health bar markers?!

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davitee #1 Posted 31 July 2018 - 08:49 PM


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Hi, I prefer using the vanilla interface except one mod called "AntiToxicity".

Anyway I ve tried several mods and modpacks and I dont like them at all, too much information/colors overload. just one thing is negging me, which is the markers "Health Bar height" which Id like to edit.

I did download the XVM thing and tried to customize it and stuff, but its kinda complidacted, because I want absolutely everything else untouched and left as vanilla-intended, only the health bar height is what Id like to change, to make it look thinner (like 50% or sth).


Anyone an idea how to achieve that, or can anyone point me out a newbie-friendly guide?



EDIT: I could find like one thousand tutorials on youtube that all explain me how to install XVM (which is just unzip and then copy&paste.....really complicated, I dont know why every WoT youtuber had to make a video about how to extract and copy files), but none that simply explains how to make my own configuration from ground up...


So within XVM, there is a file at res_mods/configs/xvm/default which is named markersAliveNormal.xc, and it contains the following lines twice for enemy and friendly tanks:

    "healthBar": {
      "enabled": true,                  //   false - не отображать
      "x": -36,                         //   положение по оси X
      "y": -33,                         //   положение по оси Y
      "alpha": 100,                     //   прозрачность (допускается использование динамической прозрачности, см. macros.txt)
      "color": null,                    //   цвет основной (допускается использование динамического цвета, см. macros.txt)
      "lcolor": null,                   //   цвет дополнительный (для градиента)
      "width": 70,                      //   ширина полосы здоровья
      "height": 12,  




And all I want is to set "height" to like 6 or something, for both enemy and friendly tanks, and leave the whole rest of the game/interface untouched...

Can anyone tell me how to achieve that? :confused:



It should be some config file looking like that maybe:


"ally": {"healthBar": {"height": 6}}
"enemy": {"healthBar": {"height": 6}}


But I have no clue what to do...

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davitee #2 Posted 05 August 2018 - 07:19 PM


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*bump* still trying to get help.

nilsenth #3 Posted 05 August 2018 - 10:54 PM


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Why don't you try to ask your question on the XVM forums. Usually they are quick to answer. Just a suggestion.

RaJCeL #4 Posted 06 August 2018 - 07:27 AM

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In XVM you cannot just change one setting for OTM. If you make it enable all goes "XVM way", so you need to first set everything to look like "Wot way", then make health bar smaller.

Also you need to switch every other setting off to make it untouched. 

To make it faster you can test your config file in replay with "autoReloadConfig": true


If you only want to change OTM I think there is alternative to XVM. There is mod that has less modules and also change OTMs. Thanks to that probably you don't need to switch off other modules. It is called BVM. But I am not really familiar with its config settings. The mod have some connection with Ekspoint and I don't trust him after he start to add trash in game chat, adds, coinminers in his mods and even intentionally crash client game for Aslains modpack users. So be careful with this alternative. 


Hope it helps you. If you have further questions don't hesitate.

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